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    Just A Question !

    Since I Never Can Find Anybody To Answer My Questions Properly I Decided to Ask Here. Anyway, >__< I wanted to join a clan or group (you get where I'm going) BUT I'm Not A Competitive Battler & I Adore My Diamond Team Too Much To Even think about switching them out (I figure why should I...
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    The Silence Between Us [One Shot]

    The Silence Between Us [One Shot] [PG] [FerrisWheel Shipping] There He Was. Just Sitting There. His Green hair flowing slightly in the gentle warm breeze and his sneakers sitting beside him. He was kicking his feet slightly in the water. He must've been cooling off from the heat. I...
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    The Lovers March *Touko &* N* [PG]

    The Motion of the Ferris Wheel was slowly putting Touko to sleep being wrapped in N's arm's made her feel safe. As She closed her eye's and relaxed She allowed herself to drift into a light sleep. N's voice softly humming the song that had played the night they met...
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    FerrisWheelShipping - Touko & N <3

    Ferris Wheel Shipping [URL="http://i1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff369/NLWhite4/479547.jpg"] *If You use this please give credit to LunGhost!* Rules: 1.All SPPF Rules and Shippers Community Rules apply. 2. Join In if you support the Shipping. We’re all...