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    Knights of Unova [PG-13]

    ~~~Knights of Unova~~~ RP - SU Ernst The sky was dark - a huge gap in the night betrayed the position of the new moon, which cast a long shadow across the earth. The darkness was lit only by a dull orange flame, which was contained within a brass lantern, which itself was seated on an oak...
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    [PG-13] Knights of Unova [SU]

    ~~~Knights of Unova~~~ RP - SU Long ago, in the land called Unova, there was a mighty empire. The ruler of this empire, King Harmonia, was a wise and benevolent ruler. By the king's side, there was a great Beast of Legend, which, in alliance with the Knights of Unova, provided the empire...
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    Can I Get a Rain Check?

    So, I'm sort of new to the competitive scene, and I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand with this team I made. It's based around rain weather, and is composed of a bunch of Smogon sets I thought would be useful. So. If you could tell me if there's anything wrong with it, that'd be...
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    Suffering Sarcophagi!

    Alrighty, by now, everyone knows about Desukan, more commonly known as "that sarcophagus thing". My question is this. What's the deal with all the Desukan hate? I understand its kind of... unusual, but so are half the Pokemon out there. Probopass anyone? So, post your opinions here.
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    Unschooling - opinions?

    Hola. I am an unschooler, and know that lots of people have differing opinions on this subject. For those who don't know, unschooling is a form of homeschooling, where the student decides on the things they want to learn about. Lots of people dismiss this, claiming that it is an unhealthy...
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    Taunt!! 2.0

    Since the last one apparently died, here's the new one. RuLeS O' Da GaMe. 1. No flaming/trolling/spamming/swearing/other dumb schtuff allowed. 2. Please follow all Serebii rules at all times. 3. Have FUN. HoW Ta PLaY. 1. Poster A insults a Pokemon. 2. Poster B responds to the insult...
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    Team 1337's adventures in WONDERLAND!!

    This comic is a combined effort of shiningsloth13 and suicune lover. Warning: This comic is rated 'R' for 'Random'. Reader discretion is advised. Sooo, some of you may or may not remember my failure that was 'Empoleon Dynamite'. This time, I've teamed up with friend and fellow spriter...
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    Weird Commercial People

    Alright, we've all seen them. Those people on TV that are just a liiitle bit creepy. Post 'em here. Like, y'know that Flo chick from those Progressive commercials? I think she's a Sith in disguise. And what about the Oxy-Clean man? Bad vibes, dude.
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    Who looks best/weirdest rendered in 3D?

    I'd have to say the coolest one I've seen is Infernape. My, GOD that is so awesome. Weirdest would probly be Spiritomb. I do like it's grin though.
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    Do YOU have Pokerus?

    Just curious. People post if they do, and, if they do, how they caught it. I got mine from my little bro who caught a Ralts w/ the PKRS on Emerald, spread it around, and then let me upload. Got mahself some rare Pokemon that way, too.
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    Rate the location of the user before you.

    Yup, it's another rating game. This time, you'll be rating the location of whoever posted before you. Example. First poster's Location: In your nightmares. Second poster's response: 7/10. Kinda spookity.... Well? What are you waiting for? Play!
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    Sloth's Supa Sweet Sprites!!

    Howdy! I've been a spriter for quite a while now, and I decided to share some of my work with the world. I got this idea, oh, a couple months back. I started splicing, recolouring, scratching, Faking, and zombiefying. Then, right as I was bout to release my critters... my comp got fried...
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    Newb needs help. Right here >>>

    Okeydokey then. So, I'm not a competitive battler. YET. I want to be, but I have one teensyweensy plobrem. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANYONE'S TALKING ABOUT. If someone would be so kind as to tell me what all the terms mean, I'd be grateful beyond comprehension.
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    The Amazing Sex Change!! and other GSC oddities.

    Alrighty, try this weird story on for size. So, my brother's playing Crystal Version. He has to get off, so, like any other person, he saves his game. The next day, he turns it on, and BAM!!! His character's a girl!! He started the game as a guy!! And now, another weird tale. My...
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    Type Combos

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but it's the closest I could get. Also, this is NOT 5th gen discussion. Anyway, with Game Freak experimenting with new type combos as of late (Steel/Dragon, Steel/Fighting, Flying/Psychic, Fire/Fighting, just to name a few), I was wondering 'bout some...
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    The Adventures of Empoleon Dynamite!!

    A little comic I whipped up when I got bored. It stars Empoleon Dynamite and his posse. Status: TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Sorry. The computer I'd saved all my sprites and schtuff on got fried in a thunderstorm... It's gonna be a while before I get everything back together. Cast O'...
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    Pearl E4 Team -Do we have what it takes?

    Tell me, does this team have the mad skillz to defeat the Elite? Lvl 47 Medicham Hidden Power (Fire) Strength Psychic Hi Jump Kick Lvl 47 Machoke Rock Climb Rock Smash Revenge Cross Chop Lvl 47 Monferno Mach Punch Close Cobat Flame Wheel Cut Lvl 46 Bronzong Shadow Ball...
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    What's your favorite D/P Music?

    Personally, I like the VS. Cyrus music. VS. Uxie/Azelf/Mesprit is my fave, though. What about you? What's your favorite music?
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    Recipe... 4 DISASTER!!!!!

    Alright, this is purty straightforward. Poster 1 assigns Poster 2 a Pokemon. Poster2 then creates a recipe on how to cook aforementioned Pokemon. After which, Poster3 will taste, rate the recipe, then start the process over again. Example: P1: Make me a Psyduck! P2: Psyduck w/...
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    See, I was thinking. You know that one law of physics that states, 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction'? If that's true, and Arceus is like God, then wouldn't Nintendo design a satanic Pokemon? Just a thought. Please close if this doesn't deserve recognition.