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  1. Applecorp

    What is your opinion on the Silver Conference (Johto League)?

    It was fine? Like I don't love it or hate it but when I think of the show's best league tourneys the Johto league rarely pops up. I did like Ash vs Gary and Ash vs Harrison most of all.
  2. Applecorp

    Worst/Hated battle in Anipoke History

    I hated Ash vs Liza and Tate. Not just because of that Thunder Armor crap but because the Mossdeep gym looked cool but the writing staff decided to change the location in the second half of the battle to some generic rocky area outside.
  3. Applecorp

    What's your opinion on the Indigo League (OS league arc)?

    Also early series syndrome made this league worse than the others because so many trainers had weak Pokemon i.e. Ritchie and his opponent were using unevolved Pokemon like Spearow and Tentacool in the Top 8.
  4. Applecorp

    What are your most HATED episodes in the entire anime and why?

    I'd keep it as a three part story arc but have Ash actually catch a Ghost type and use it to battle and beat Sabrina. None of that making her laugh and winning a pity badge bullcrap that we got.
  5. Applecorp

    What are your most HATED episodes in the entire anime and why?

    The Haunter vs Kadabra episode mostly for having a misleading title since they didn't actually fight each other. The whole Saffron plot was stupid but that final episode was super anticlimactic. Also the Pikachu's Goodbye episode because it was just a way to shill Pikachu some more and it had a...
  6. Applecorp

    What's your opinion on the Indigo League (OS league arc)?

    It sucked for the most part. The opening ceremony was cool but the momentum wasn't kept. Also I wish Moltres had played a bigger part throughout the league and not just at the beginning. The high points where Ash vs Jeanette mostly because of Muk lol.
  7. Applecorp

    Why does the anime doesn’t adapt the story from the games?

    The Team Plasma stuff could be explained away because of the original two part episode being banned so the original Team Plasma plot got scrapped and the writing staff had to deal with B2W2's Team Plasma instead. Also in case you haven't noticed they're not exactly the best anime writers in...
  8. Applecorp

    What was the biggest "wtf" moments in the anime in your opinion

    God that was so pointless. The magic episode made a big deal about Ash transforming into a Pikachu only for it to be dropped a few seconds into the next episode. The transformation plot deserved to be a whole mini arc of its own.
  9. Applecorp

    What are your hot takes on the anime?

    So Ash has beaten trainers with more experience than him using last minute battle tactics that he pulls straight outta his ass and you don't see how that's a gimmick...? Really? A lot of his wins were done by him coming up with some plan based on a stray observation that he made and then he...
  10. Applecorp

    How strong do you consider Paul to be after his appearance in Journeys?

    Above E4 level but not at Champion level just yet. It's funny how Ash is a legit Champion now but Paul still lingers behind lol.
  11. Applecorp

    A show about Ash setting up gyms in each region?

    That would be a cool original idea but that doesn't feel like something Ash would do. Or has he ever shown an interest in leading a gym that I'm forgetting?
  12. Applecorp

    Is Johto region still good enough to be revisited?

    Were there any major plots from the Johto games that the anime skipped? I guess the Sinnoh Battle Frontier counts. Also the executives like Archer and Ariana were never shown so there's that.
  13. Applecorp

    Will you ever rewatch Pokemon anime?

    Maybe if I ever get enough free time to watch it again. I might just stick to the Kalos arc though because some of the stuff that happened there has already slipped my mind. :(
  14. Applecorp

    When was the last time Ash had a bug Pokemon that meant something?

    Leavanny kind of counts... I guess? Bug types in the games aren't so great so it makes sense that the show treats most of them as average battlers.
  15. Applecorp

    What is your LEAST favorite character debut episode?

    Trip's 1st episode. Not because I had a problem with Snivy beating Pikachu even though it was plot induced bs, but because his 1st episode made him seem like a total Paul wannabe. He eventually got his own distinct personality and goal but in that 1st BW episode he came off as really lame to me.
  16. Applecorp

    Goh or Chloe?

    Goh because he has the bigger role so we get to see more of him actually improving his goal. He's not the best travel buddy that Ash has had but I don't think he's anywhere as bad as some people claim.
  17. Applecorp

    How popular was Pokémon world wide back in the 90s?

    It was a major phenomenon and the show got dubbed in basically every major language from what I've heard. The Italian dub is supposedly infamous for being really inaccurate though lol more than the 4kids version even.
  18. Applecorp

    Are there any Pokémon you think should be of a different type?

    How is Ho-Oh anything like a Fairy type lol? Or Suicune for that matter? I agree about Zeraora though and for a while I did think it was half Fighting type.
  19. Applecorp

    What do you think is Chloe’s endgame here?

    For a long time I thought she wouldn't actually be Ash and Goh's travel buddy and that she would stay in the sidelines and only appear once in a while but she became way more active than I expected. I think her getting Eevee was foreshadowing for her to use Gigantamax Eevee. I don't think her...
  20. Applecorp

    Was May supposed to meet Chloe in the contest episode?

    Didn't feel that way to me. Serena is basically the show's substitute for May anyways so I thought she fit perfectly into the role of inspiring Chloe.