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  1. If You Could Be a Fruit, What Would You Be?

    Hey! As the title says, which fruit would you be? I'd like to get as many people to answer this as possible because this is mainly for a school assignment. :3 My main options are: Apples Oranges Peaches Mangoes Pineapples Coconuts and Plums! But feel free to choose your own. :)
  2. Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) O.C. Rp and Chat

    Ah ha! I didn't see a thread like this one before, so I have decided to make one. If I have screwed up and there is one like this, just tell me! ^^ So, here We can role play with eachother and discuss O.C.s, or orikeros as others call them. So.... Yeah.... Well, this is one of my...
  3. Insanity Game

    Here, you post a random thing that pops into your head-but please don't be inappropriate or rude in any way. Than, looking at the post above yours, you rate the last poster's random quote in sanity- "example: dude *kyrem has been seen on a motorcycle driving down pirate lane! giry, I rate...