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    New Japanese mini set to introduce DRAGON TYPE cards!

    The new mini all-holo 40 card set due out in Japan in January is supposedly introducing DRAGON typed cards. Check it out! http://pokebeach.com/2011/10/new-bw-mini-set-in-january-dragon-selection
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    Things to look out for with fake cards and Ebay Booster boxes! PLUS FAKE CHECKS!

    As many of you have already became aware, fake cards are being sold on Ebay is a huge problem- and currently it is difficult to judge whether or not what you are buying is legitimate or not. Im making this thread to point out a few things you as the buyer can do to protect yourself from...
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    Booster Boxes

    Hello, So I just ordered an HS 2 and an HS 5 booster box for 60 bucks a piece on Ebay- I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me determine if Id been duped or not as far as legitimacy of these cards? If I can avoid it, Id like to not have to open the booster boxes and keep...
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    *Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

    **** If anyone needs something to be added in here, please PM me a link or a copy of what needs to be added in. Im not active much anymore so I will update when I can **** THE NEW AND REVAMPED 5th GEN RNG HELP/DISCUSSION THREAD ***As approved by BobandBill *******Special thanks to Sweet May...
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Im not sure how many frequenters of Serebii are fans of the Elder Scrolls series, but I figured I would make this thread anyways. It was just announced last night (12/11/10) on the VGAs that the new Elder Scrolls, the fifth entry in the series, will be released on November 11th, 2011. Not...
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    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies for NDS

    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Players: 1-4 through local wireless Release: July 11 2010 US Wifi Connectivity: ~In game online store updated daily with rare items. ~Downloadable Quests Features: ~Story Mode with multiplayer support. ~Return of the Job Class...
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    Nintendo's On the Move With Fighting Piracy

    Apparently, Nintendo and 54 other publishers are seeking damages against retailers and online auction sites that sell Majicon flash cart devices, as well as websites that offer game downloads. On top of all this, they have actually opened up a snitch line for people to "anonymously" snitch on...
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    Xbox360 Accessory Region Lock?

    Does anyone know if the 360s accessories are region locked? I know that may seem like a simple/stupid question, but I wanted to make 100% sure they arent before I fork out the dough for a German Green 360 Controller for my US Console.
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    Fable 2

    Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 Like its predecessor, Fable 2 is a game revolving around a hero (you) in your quest to rid the land of Albion from a certain evil. You complete quests, which in turn make you more famous, and upgrade your abilities with experience gained from battle. Your characters...
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    The XBLA Castle Crashers Thread

    Castle Crashers Players: 1-4. One Console or through XBOX Live. Modes of Play: "Castle Crashers"-Story Mode. Castle Crashers plays alot like your typical arcade beat'em up, with an RPG twist. This twist being you can level up characters, giving them access to new spells and combos, as...
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    Next Gen Console Wars Discussion/Speculation Thread

    The 8th/next gen(post 360, PS3, Wii)console wars are fast approaching so I figured now would be a good time to create a discussion for the topic. Here are the general specs for all Current Gen Consoles- Nintendo's Wii- Released on November 19, 2006 24.45 million units shipped as of March...
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    Mario Kart Wii-fi Classic!

    Hello, you may remember me from such tournaments as SPPF Smash Bros Big 32 and SPPF Round Robin 16. I am here now to tell you- I have Mario Kart Wii, and I fully intend to play competitively on Wifi. I havent decided as of yet as to how I should organize this tournament or what style to make...
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    Ninja Gaiden 2 Discussion

    Yep, this May/June is when the sequel to one of the most frustratingly difficult games is being released- NINJA GAIDEN 2 for Xbox 360. The game now features difficulty settings- to prevent people from being stuck playing through its orignals insanely hard story. Ninja Gaiden 2 also...
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    Sppf Super Smash Brose Brawlbig 16 Round Robin Tourney

    Sppf Super Smash Brose Brawl BIG 16 Round Robin Tourney TOURNEY HAS BEGUN! PRIZES: 1st Place: 1000 Wii Point Gift *Must select game and I will gift it* 2nd Place: 500 Wii Point Gift *^* 3rd Place: Select Shiny Pokemon of Choice *Includes-Bagon, Dratini, and Larvitar. ***Note that...
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    SPPF Super Smash Bros Brawl BIG 32 Tourny

    BIG 32 Tourny Thread. UPDATE! DURATION OF TOURNEY WILL BE HELD ON THESE FORUMS! PLEASE REGISTER WITH SPPF NAME(can change it later- im the creator)! http://z9.invisionfree.com/Console_Tournaments/index.php FINAL RESULTS: 1st PLACE:GhostAnime 2nd PLACE:MinunTheFighter34 3rd...
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    Guitar Hero: On Tour for DS

    Ok so if you check out IGN.com in the DS section, they have an article about the new Guitar Hero thats coming out for the DS. I would site pics, but I cant link to those sites at the moment. Anyways, it works like this- A 4 fret button adapter goes into the GBA slot of the DS, to obviously...
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    Do you wanna see Pit make a Kid Icarus comeback?

    Given Brawls release state-side and in Japan, I got to thinking, Pit is a pretty interesting character! Brawl does a good job of translating his 2-D moves and abilities into the fully 3-D fighter, but my question is this: Who would like to see a fully 3-D Kid Icarus incarnation on the Wii? I...
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    Which is the best Mega Man X game in the series?

    I noticed there was a poll for best classic Mega Man game, so I decided to create this one, simply because I like the X series and I want to see what others think of it as well. For me the best Megaman X game would either have to be X3 or X4. X3 and 4had a good variety of bosses as well as...
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    Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Discussion

    Ok so I have this game and since this whole forum is based around Pokemon, a monster raising RPG- I wanted to start a discussion about Dragon Quest Monsters for the DS, which is another monster raising RPG. Discuss anything here about the game: Monster locations, Synthesis Combos, Tactics...
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    Move Deleter Wont Delete

    Ive been playing these games for years and ive never once encountered this but.... Im trying to delete Surf off of my Swampert on Emerald so I can transfer it over to my Diamond... but when i go to the move deleter in Emerald he simply says "Hm! Swampert doesnt seem willing to forget SURF"...