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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    I found if you wait for a pokemon that moves left and right on the screen it's easier to attempt the curved excellent throw. Just make sure it's a pokemon that doesn't move fast in those directions though and stays to the left or right for a period of time so you have time to set up the toss...
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    The Pokemon Go Friends Thread

    Here's mine from California. 9637 2259 9046 ~Geojenn
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    Trade Help

    Welcome! Thanks for the trade, helped me out too :) For some reason it was really hard to find anyone interested in trading a Grimer
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    Trade Help

    I could help with Ekans through Pinsir on your list if you wouldn't mind trading a regular and Alolan Grimer in return. Its what I'm missing from Eevee.
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    Trade Help to complete Dex in Eevee

    Hello again! Still looking for someone willing to trade a Grimer, both regular and Alolan if possible. I'm looking to trade either LGE exclusives or Alolan LGE exclusives if anyone can help.
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    Trade Help to complete Dex in Eevee

    Trade Evolution completed, thanks for the assist! Just need the two exclusives from LGP if anyone can help there. ~Geojenn
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    Trade Help to complete Dex in Eevee

    Hello, I'm hoping to find someone to trade to complete my Dex in Lets Go Eevee. I need to trade for a Scyther and a Grimer, as well as trade evolution for Gengar, Machamp, and Golem. I'll be online for about the next 2 hours if anyone is available right now. ~Geojenn
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    I had okay luck today with my DW trip. Got the new area once, but nothing super exciting on the run aside from two berries. Took home a ;170; which I was happy with.
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    So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

    Currently at 233:10 on my White game.
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    Autumn Friendly

    I've been playing off and on through the tournament (if anyone battles a Jenn from California that's most likely me :). I joined since aside from battling last generation with PBR I had never really competed with other trainers and a wi-fi tournament sounded interesting. Spent a bit of time...