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  1. roule

    Light Through the Blinds

    new semester, new me, new fic. i started writing this recently between assignments, and havent been able to stop. please help me. hopefully with this i'll be back to regular writing in the fandom again lol 1. Dead leaves in the breeze Milou wakes up in a comforting warmth, with the...
  2. roule

    Betting on Losing Horses

    reboot of "Suburbia" bc i have a reboot problem warnings for blood, injury, and mentions of mass death 1. Lord Forgive Me / Things That I Don't Understand The forest was silent, almost dead in the California heat. The temperature is stifling, crushing, eating away at anyone who stands...
  3. roule

    Against The Current

    so it's been, what? eight months since i've written something for here??? to be fair i've been having a pretty shitty time in terms of life lol. ive been suffering through a college i hate, with people who mostly hang with me bc im there, but that's neither here nor there. the good thing is bc...
  4. roule

    snowstorm on the yellow sea (V.2)

    Hey folks! So, I took a little hiatus from this fic because I was busy with school and college applications. And while stuff hasn't really eased up quite yet, I started writing a little more recently. However, I noticed after reading through snowstorm that I had massive structural problems...
  5. roule

    Homecoming [Yuletide 2017]

    Fat snowflakes float down from the sky, glimmering in the yellow lights of Lumiose City. The streets are slick with sleet, snow lining the cobble sidewalks of Old City as people dart to and fro, clutching their coats up to their faces, while their pokemon trot by their side. There are not many...
  6. roule

    Casting Your Characters

    So I’ve noticed, through the NaNoWriMo forums and discussion on the Discord that people generally hear or see a certain actor playing their characters. I thought this was a interesting and engaging discussion that shouldn’t be restricted to the discord, so here we are! To start us off, here’s...
  7. roule


    ELEMENT 1. THE GIRL FROM DON QUIJOTE Mizuki doesn't know why she's bothering. The painfully bright lights of Akihabara flash around her, cars zooming past as she walks down the street, loud cries of "ALL DOUJIN 50% OFF!" and "JAPAN POKEMON LEAGUE TICKETS HERE!" humming painfully in her ears...
  8. roule

    All Mon are Brothers (DISCONTINUED)

    soooo the idea of some of the members of the serebii fanfic discord being thrown into the pokemon world was tossed around by a few people within it, and it inspired me to write this. eventually, in my mind, it evolved from a dumb gag one-shot to a epic that will probably span many many chapters...
  9. roule

    Playlists for your story

    So, as I wrote both Snowstorm and Suburbia, I found myself making playlists of songs that I think would fit in the story setting. So, I made this thread in to ask if anyone is comfortable posting their playlists as well! If you're wondering, I mainly use Playmoss (now), and Snowstorm's...
  10. roule

    Only You and Me By The Borderline

    hey guess who pushed back on writing snowstorm by writing another fic? this girl! anyway, this takes place in a similar universe to snowstorm, but has some differences (nothing i can spoil yet though :p) to it, and it doesn't take place in north korea or canada, but the ukraine. i hope you...
  11. roule


    1. VESSEL The night it happened was an oppressively hot night, the air feeling as if it was weighing you down, smothering you with waves of heat. The forest within Easly Park --- deep within the southern part of Florida --- was dark, trees hanging above and dwarfing anyone who walked the...
  12. roule

    snowstorm on the yellow sea

    Hey! So this is really my first real pokemon story. I had a lot of ideas when I was younger, but for this I had to physically teach myself to write bigger paragraphs. So, you might notice the chapters grow in wordcount, just because I'm learning to describe. (I'm usually more of a visual...