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    YGO ADV: Miracle Turbo

    Okay, this deck is designed to be a quick approach to Fusion. Polymerization just isn't playable so I opted to use Miracle Fusion because of all of the potential support and combos. And I added in the versatile fusion substitutes because I can pair them with pretty much anything. Miracle...
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    Afro Samurai

    Main site (For more info) Yes, there is actually a reason to watch Spike TV, Samurai X can move over because Mr. Snakes on a Plane Himself stars in the new anime Afro Samurai. Actually Afro doesn't talk that much so there isn't as much yelling. Anyways, this show is ballin'. The choreography...
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    Most needed changes

    We all know that this show could be a lot better and has loads of untapped potential. What I want to know is what changes would improve the show? This isn't limited to the English dub for those who want to whine about the new voices. The most needed change at the top of my list is BROCK. He...
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    Which Johto starter should I pick?

    I'm almost done with my Hoenn dex and I don't know which one to get. I would like something that would help me in the Battle Frontier. None of them may be the best choices, but it's for Johto nostalgia. I don't have Colo/XD sadly...
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    Holon Champions

    Latest Update @ 7/13/06: Chapter 2 has been revamped to due to the last version not maintaining a level quality that my readers prefer. Another reason I chose to rewrite it was for it to foreshadow a major story arc and assist in getting the story moving, which the filler-esque previous version...
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    D/P plot/story ideas

    We haven't even had a screenshot of the new games yet nor any hints at a plot, so I thought it would be kinda fun to pass the time by submitting your ideas about what the story/plot will be like in D/P. Be creative!
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    Just sayin' hi

    Yeah, I'm new here and I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm into pokemon, anime, sports, and open to new experiences. I can't find anyone whose interested in pokemon where I live so I'm really glad to be here.