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    2074red2074's Trade Shop of Coolness

    This is my trade shop. Welcome. I've just started, so I'm kinda low on stock. Offers: Shiny Poliwag Goldeen Horsea Magikarp Octillery Relicanth Luvdisc Basculin (red) Modern Vivillon IV bred *Note: If you want a Pokémon that shares an egg group with one that I'm offering, then I can...
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    General Team (new thread b/c extensive changes)

    So I've decided that I'll listen to Smogon and go OU. I want a team to use for both gameplay and PvP, and so am not using one-time items. This is what I got: Talonflame @ Life Orb (It's shiny!) Adamant, Flame Body Brave Bird Flare Blitz Roost U-turn (PvP only) Fly (ordinary gameplay only) 6...
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    General Team

    This is a team for general PvP and gameplay. I know that in some circles, a few of these are considered "uber" and are banned. I also am not using one-time use items. Please note that I am willing to switch out TM/HM moves for PvP and ordinary gameplay, as in my Talonflame, but not two different...
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    MTG Standard (Type 2) Black-Green Deathtouch

    This deck was built on a semi-budget, so all of the cards either came from my single M14 Toolkit or were bought individually. If you suggest the addition of new cards, please check TCGPlayer for a price estimate and refrain from suggesting any cards that cost more than one US dollar for M14 and...
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    Separation of Manaphy and Phione Trade Threads

    I propose that the trade threads for Manaphy and Phione be separated. While Manaphy is a relatively rare legendary Pokémon that can be involved in very valuable trades, Phione is an easy Pokémon to find, especially if you already have it or a Manaphy to breed. Also, if a person were to...
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    WiFi problem in Pearl

    When I try to connect to WiFi in Pearl, I can't. I have no problem with any other game on the same DS. I have hacked it with Action Replay, but never edited my Pokes. Is there a way to fix this?