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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]

    LF: 6IV ditto FT: Lake trio, manaphy, dialga, shiny scyther.
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    Lf ditto for breeding bdsp

    Hi, As the title suggests im trying to get my hands on a 6 iv ditto in DBSP. I don't have much to offer just hatched a shiny scyther , but im sure something can be worked out. Please message me
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    cyndaquil. Sorry but Ive always used fire type pokemon.
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    The End

    alright time to go back and turn the crap that I call a storyline into somtheing else.
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    The End

    Im going to have to turn you down for now. Not enough discription and if you read through my storyline you would see that guns no longer exist in this time period.
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    The End

    As time passed our world got worse. By the year 3000, crime was so high that all the governemts dispite hating eathc other banneded together and all decided to creat one type of police that would track down the criminals. The called them the hunters. They were allowed weapon that wer forged for...
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    Id dont think so. Ill find out for you. Ive dug up like 4 fossils that I need to change into pkmn so ill find out/
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    Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

    Shuckle -Sitrus Berry Toxic Rest Substitute Encore
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    Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

    Im to lazy to get to his team. Shuckle would blow his team apart though. yes you read that correctly
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    Ive colloected two shinies. The first was just a wild pokemon that I ran into (lv 45 tentacruel) and the second was a fossil I dug up (lileep)
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    The End (Sign Up)

    The year is 6666 and the world has been overrun with monsters form the demon plane that crosses over to our world every 6666 years. This time the monsters have come under a head of power as apposed to being rampant. The monsters name is Buizelbub. since the year 3000 the world has been a...
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    What level pokemon should my Pkmn be?

    Infernape :41 Lucario: 41 Staraptor: 41 Roserade: 38 Gabite: 38 Manaphy: 23 Yes this is the tam im taking with me to kill Cinthia he he. These arent the actally levels though. Im looking at mid 50's
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    Who Has A Jirachi, Deoxys, Celebi, Or Mew??

    Ive got a deoxys. my best friend traded it to me at level100 (hes got 6 on six diffrent games. well 5 now.) and Im happy with it. he also has jirachi and celibi and Im begging him for them...
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    the one that got away

    Never found a shiney in anything higher then Crystal
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    My latest happenings in FR/LG

    hehe Caught two chanseys 1 had a lucky egg was not even looking for the egg.
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    Sixth team member help

    Srry my team is always full of sweepers but what about snorlax? can someone tell me a good move set. Dont care about natures much.
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    Who are your Mascot Pokémon?

    For me my Mascotys are Fire Red: Nidoking and Tyrannitar Emerald: Typhlosion and Gardevoir Only nedoking is not on my top 3 used list. you can see why.
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    Your 'Real Life' Party

    1. Gardevoir 2. Typhlosion 2. Tyrantitar these are my three ingame favorite to use pokemon.
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    Official New Move/Attack/Ability Ideas Thread

    Attacks Flash Flare Type: Fire Power: 60 Acc: -- PP: 15 Other Abilitys: Causes Burn 15% of the time Thin Whip Type: Grass Power: 60 Acc: -- PP 15 Other Abulitys: Strikes first if both use a strike first move the faster goes first. Mist Release Type: Water Power: 60 Acc:--...
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    How can I make the ULTIMATE Tyranitar?

    Ahhh sorry my bad Im used to the crystal version so Most of my remarks come from there.