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    I'm starting a new YouTube series, and I would love some feedback

    [removed] Considering one of the next episodes is Pokémon Stadium, I would love some feedback and some advice to make it as best as possible
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    Problems with posting

    My post count isn't raising up, why?
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    Best Monkey Pokémon

    Best Monkey Pokémon Primeape, Ambipom, Slaking, Infernape, Simisage, Simipour, or Simisage. I personally like Infernape because if it's move set.
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    Best Turtle Pokémon?

    Best Turtle Pokémon? Blastoise, Torkoal, Torterra, or Carracosta I personally love Torkoal, because of it's design.
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    Breaking Bad - Midseason finale

    I'm excited for this, but I'm not happy that they're breaking the season up.
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    Xiaolin Chronicles

    Welp after 5+ years, Xiaolin Showdown gets a 4th season. However as some of y'all may know, the company that is doing the new season isn't the same as the ones doing in the previous seasons. This means some Shen Gong Wu may be called something else.
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    Do you think that a zombie apocalypse will happen?

    It doesn't matter how long it takes, do you think a zombie outbreak will occur within the lifespan of this planet?
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    Do you have respect toward players who haven't playing Pokémon as long as you?

    Do you have respect toward players who haven't playing Pokémon as long as you? What I mean by this is that do you feel a little angry when you see a 7 year old and he/she says that he/she loves Pokémon, when you have loved it for nearly 15 years?
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    Type Disadvantage reasoning.

    As many of you may not understand why psychic is strong against poison or why bug is strong against psychic, I think I know the reasoning behind most of the odd disadvantages. Psychic is based off of the mind and Darkness, Ghost, and Bugs are the most common fears of people and that's why...
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    20 Years of Power Rangers.

    The next season, after Samurai, will be the 20 season of Power Rangers. I feel old as crap, because I remember watching one of the first episodes when I was young. I really want a forever red sequel, but that's just me.
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    The Boondocks

    Do y'all consider that an anime?
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    Step Brothers

    I thought it was good but it was kinda like ricky bobby and the scary movie series where they show all the funny parts in the commerical still the part with the F***ING Cadolina Wine Mixer was hilarious!
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    pokemon that arent in brawl

    yeah I wish there were more pkmn in brawl like: Sceptile- Leaf Blade. attacking everyone by dashing towards them (like Scizzor in Melee) Baltoy- Sandstorm- attacking everyone by using little damage in the storm Whismer- Hyper Voice- see above Marshtomp- Muddy Water- like piplup's surf but...
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    Ash's future gym battles

    who do you think Ash will use in his future gym battles? for Maylene I think: Buizel (obivious), Staravia, and Chimchar (so it can battle Lucario) and for Wake: ummm... Turtwig, Pikachu, and Buizel\ idk about Fatina, but I think Pikachu for Driftblim
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    Aipom and the Ruins

    okay Idk if she's evolving or using Double Team but its gonna be crazy to see what happens in episode 59
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    Roserade attack

    whats that attack that Gardenia used on Ash's aipom and like vines came out of its arm?
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    Strikers or Controller

    I want to get Super Mario Strikers Charged and I also want to get a Classic Controller with Nunchuks...which one should I get?
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    what determines the POTW?
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    what ever happen to Ash's primape? I think he should get it back and have a gym match with it
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    does ash's aipom

    know Fury Swipe/Scratch?