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    Will ash age in sun and moon now that red has aged?

    Now that red, ash's game counterpart is revealed to be in sun and moon. Do you think that the time has come for ash to finally age? I know it's unlikely but who knows? Red appears to be about 20 years old now so maybe ash has a chance since he is supposed to be red in anime form.
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    Would you rather have ash win the league, or have him get with serena?

    After one of the most heartbreaking defeats in poke history ash is now 0-6. Lets say ash won the league, but amourshipping doesn't happen. Now that he lost (which he obviously did) and amourshipping does happen. Which will leave a better taste in your mouth?
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    Gym Rats?

    Anybody here into the fitness lifestyle? I'm an avid weightlifter train 5 times week,eat healthy most of the time,you know the fitness lifestyle. I was pretty chunky in high school but when i got to college i change my lifestyle completely went from a 200 pound fatty to a 162 pound jacked...
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    At what age did you guys start smoking weed?

    I just got in to weed,its not that bad i smoke it once in a while. I got in to it at the age of 17(pretty old huh).
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    Any skateboarders around here?

    Iam a skater and i noticed there isn't many skate threads here so lets start one. Ive been skating for 2 years and i wont ever stop.Remember to list your best trick.
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    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    What happened to the wwe? Back during the attitude era it was awsome show to watch and it had great drama and storylines,and great violence(yes we all know its scripted)wrestlers (undertaker rock scsa etc.) Now its a kiddy show that is rated PG and has awful wrestlers. (espicially john cena)...
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    How would paul react if he meets silver?

    Since soul is about to appear in the anime soon i think maybe silver might appear to. Since paul and silver have similar personalities how do you think they will react to each other?
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    Paul to battle palmer?

    In DP 141 there's going to be a compitition so the winner can get a chance to batttle palmer. Do you think paul will show up and defeat ash again and get the chance to battle palmer?
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    Does asia have any overweight people?(not counting sumo wrestlers.)

    I've noticed that in all asia there is like 1% of overweight ppl,but still asians eat stuff that has fat such as honey chicken etc. I know asians are really healthy people but how come thay don't gain weight?
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    Whats your favorite group in the anime over the years?

    Whats your favorite group from the anime so far? IMHO the original kanto group was by far the best group just becuase of how imature and funny ash was,or how brock actually was a decent chracter instead of the background chracter he is now,or how misty would always get in to arguments with...
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    Are Cigarettes more addicting than weed?

    I know this kid in my complex that smokes both weed and cigarettes. Most of time i see him walking aroung smoking a cigarette,but he smokes weed once in a while too. Since i've never smoked a blunt or a cigarette i want to know which ones more addicting weed or tobbaco?
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    Do you think paul stole turtwig?

    We all know paul didn't get turtwig from prof.rowan since he didn't even know who paul was in the fist episode of dp. I'am starting to think paul just stole turtwig exactly like silver steals the starter pokemon in gsc. Since paul has silver's personality traits i think this might be the...
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    Teachers that suck.

    OMG!! i just wanted to kill my 7th and 8th grade math teacher she was such a bi***.She would always call my mom whenever i woudnt do my homework and she would make me sit right in front of her just for talking talking!! It was terrible having to have her for 2 straight years.Thank god iam not...
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    Favorite MJ song

    Now that the king has passed his music still lives. If anyone here is a fan of the gloved one,which song do u think is his best? In my opinion man in the mirror is his best song, or if not the best song ever.
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    What do you think are the Top 3 worst anime chracters

    There have been many anime chracter that are completly useless and are just plain annoying. Here is my top 5 worst anime chracters. 1.Brock (pokemon) Alright iam sick and tired of this guy.At first during kanto he wasnt that bad but as soon as advance generation came along he had no...
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    Whats your favorite comic relief chracter in an anime?

    Im my opinion ed from cowboy bebop is by far the funniest anime chracter ive ever know. Her ADHD attitude just makes u rofl.
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    ever caught a legendary with a pokeball first try?

    I remember back when i was about 11 i was playin gold version and i caught a suicune first try with just a pokeball i was like WTF?!?
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    Pokemon Stadium 3?

    In my opinion colosseum xd and pbr are garbage compared to pokemon stadium 1 and 2. I hope that in the future nintendo releases a sequel to pokemon stadium, not another colosseum xd and pbr type of game.
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    Tired of piplup?

    Im sorry but this penguin is getting on my nerves. Im tired of seeing him become a wannabe pikachu and copy all of pikachu's personality's and style.(for example not evolving ) Only bring him out in important events such as when thier battling,or when all the pokemon are eating and...
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    Ash and Gary vs Flint and Volkner?

    Now that we are on the way to sunnyshore city, do you think it would be a good idea for ash to team up with his old rival gary to face flint and volkner like in platnium? Or do you think ash should team up with someone else like paul(whose just teaming up with him to train his pokemon)or with...