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  1. Ubermuk

    Favorite Pokemon TCG set?

    Out of all the sets of Pokemon cards that have ever been released which set is your favorite and why? My favorite is the Base set because that's the set that began the card game and it had some of the best artwork including Venusaur's and Charizard's cards.
  2. Ubermuk

    Favorite Island Kahuna

    Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon had 4 Island Kahunas - Hala, Olivia, Nanu and Hapu. Which one was your favorite? My favorite was Hala because he looked like a typical shaman type character who had experience and a good character aesthetic.
  3. Ubermuk

    Favorite Trial Captains

    The 7 Trial Captains in Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon were Ilima, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Sophocles, Acerola and Mina. Which ones were your favorites?
  4. Ubermuk

    Pokemon Dash

    Pokemon Dash was the first DS Pokemon game and it was released in 2004. It was a racing game that had no story line but was still really fun to play by yourself or using multiplayer mode. What did you think of Pokemon Dash ?
  5. Ubermuk

    Pokemon Ranger

    Out of the 3 Pokemon Ranger games for the Nintendo DS system which one was your favorite and why? My favorite has always been Shadows of Almia because it had the best story and you could get Manaphy's egg, Aura Sphere Riolu and Darkrai from it.
  6. Ubermuk

    My Pokemon Ranch

    My Pokemon Ranch was a WiiWare title that was an accessory for players of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It was basically Pokemon Box for the Wii and and could be used to store up to 1,000 Pokemon. You could also trade Hayley the owner for special Pokemon like Mew and Phione. Did anyone else use...
  7. Ubermuk

    Your first deck?

    Hi guys I was just wondering what was your 1st Pokemon TCG deck like? What kinds of cards and strategies did you use? Mine was a standard Haymaker type deck that my brother built for me out of leftover cards from Base set and Jungle and enhanced with some holos that I got from trades. It was...