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  1. Forretress Fan

    Platinum In-Game Rate Help

    I am redoing Pokemon Platinum for a Fourth-Generation team only. All my members final evolutions or just in-general are fourth-gen pkmn exclusively. I accept any ideas for my team. Also Trading is not a problem for me and access to TMs early from my Diamond. Also I am a HUGE all straight up...
  2. Forretress Fan

    Rate this formation

    I preferably like this team so far. But I would like the opinions of other individuals with knowledge of my faults I don't see within this team, although I admit there are some. Krokorok @ Soft Sand Naughty -Crunch -Torment -Dig -Sand Tomb Unfezant @ Scope Lens Naive -Air Slash...
  3. Forretress Fan

    Trainer Card

    How far did you go on your Trainer Card? Were you able to triumph to the proud black card or settled for the simple 1 star card? What color did your Trainer card increase to via stars and what was your final trainer score before becoming bored of the game. Diamond - Blue (1 star) Trainer...
  4. Forretress Fan

    Least Favorite Starter

    We all have favorite types and favorite starters. I want to know which type of starter, fire/grass/water, is your least favorite to pick and utilize.
  5. Forretress Fan

    A second save data file

    Throughout the span of Pokemon games I have played, there has been a single save data. I have just recently questioned why Nintendo didn't add a second save data file. I would like to hear your opinions on if Nintendo should add a save data file, if they shouldn't, or how could it be abused.
  6. Forretress Fan

    Tales of Symphonia 2

    Tales of Symphonia 2 Dawn of a New World Will be the sequel of Tales of Symphonia. Released in Japan on June 26th, Being released in the USA November 1st. Europeon Date has yet to be revealed. Gameplay has chahnged moderately to adjust to the Wii's gaming System. The full Field Map is no more...
  7. Forretress Fan

    Scizor or Steelix

    Well in Firered and Leafgreen, There is one MetalCoat obtained in one game, doesn't change by either version. Tell us which one you picked and whether you let them become a Vital part fo your team, or Rust in the PC. Scizor Bug/Steel Attack +2 Steelix Steel/Ground Defense +2 Well in...
  8. Forretress Fan

    Lucario's Voice

    Okay in the movie, Lucario & The Mystery of Mew They gave Lucario the ability to talk. I am not sure if this had to do with aura between Ash & Lucario. Yet it seems Max & May & Brock understood Lucario. Might have something to do with Lucario being an Older one. Now Maylene has Lucario, yet it...
  9. Forretress Fan

    Your Favorite Pokemon

    This thread is primarily to see what Everyone favorite Pokemon is. As there are too many Pokemon for a poll, We'll just see who's favorite is By their post. Do not switch Favorite Pokemon if you have already posted, Just Pick you Fav. Obviously Mine is Forretress.
  10. Forretress Fan

    The R/B/Y Scramble Challenge

    Welcome to R/B/Y Scramble Challenge Crack out those old Game Boy Games and start a Scramble Challenge. Rules 1. Your allowed to give 1 pokemon to 1 scramble challenge taker. You can't give him more. 2. When someone says Take a Charmeleon, He doesn't mean get one then evolve it, hold onto...
  11. Forretress Fan

    Your Brawl Controller

    In Super Smash Bros Brawl, there are 4 different methods of playing brawl. The Wii Remote The Wii Remote & nunchuck Gamecube Controller Classic Controller This is to see who uses what controller the most. I use the GameCube controller because I have been used to it for Years of playing...
  12. Forretress Fan

    DS Power Draining

    I have had a Nintendo DS ever since it came out. The regular type. I say I believe it came out 3 years ago. Well I've used it many times during those years, and It seems I have to charge it more. It starting to last less and less. Are the batteries draining? Or is the DS just old that it's gonna...
  13. Forretress Fan

    Rate My Team

    Yes I am currently working on a specific type team, Fighting. I have a 6th member but he will be unamed as I am opnly working on these 5. Tell me what Attacks should be replaced or kept. Toxicroak: Sludge Bomb Poison Jab Sucker Punch Focus Punch Breloom: Seed Bomb Dynamic Punch Sky...
  14. Forretress Fan

    Your Pokemon Way of Travel

    What way do you prefer to travel around a region. Flying, Walking, or Surfing? I will never do surfing again, Hoenn is just a big pool with some islands and a mainland. Flying I really do for a quick fast to Pokemon Center. I really do Walking the most, Training pokemon plus Getting...
  15. Forretress Fan

    Paul's Team by Sinnoh End

    Post your guesses on Paul's Team by The end of Sinnoh I think Torterra Honchkrow Weavile Magmortar Electivire Gastrodon He's probably gonna drop Gliscor and Ursaring after DP 081's battles. And he'll add on a Water type and its definetly not gonna be Buizel. Plus Paul evolves his...
  16. Forretress Fan

    Jobs for Pokemon

    We all knwo that some Pokemon in anime episodes help their trainer complete tasks by being helpful with their form. Ex: Drifloon-Weather Ballon Persian-Cat etc Post here what jobs some Pokemon would have if they existed in the real world.
  17. Forretress Fan

    Pokegear, a step up or a step down?

    Witht he addition of Pokegear to Johto, I thought Nintendo has made a huge improvement. A Cell Phone, Radio, Town map. I thought it was pretty cool Since I didn't know the region well. The Radio I listened to all the time. It started the whole PokeApplication era Pokenav Pokeetch So was...
  18. Forretress Fan

    Paul's Seven

    OKay we all know Paul currently has seven Pokemon being used. -Magmar -Electabuzz -Torterra -Honckrow -Weavile -Ursaring -Gliscor Okay we all know Paul caught Ursaring due to it's Strength abd being full evolved, Most likely good IVs. But does anyone think Paul just held onto Ursaring...
  19. Forretress Fan

    Pokemon Yo Mama Jokes.

    I dunno i was just thinking and this idea just popped into my head. Yo Moma jokes involving pokemon in them. Like Yo Moma is so fat She'd need Rayquaza to lift her off the ground. Just think of some and post them here :P
  20. Forretress Fan

    PA Diamond, Pearl, Berlitz New additions

    Okay we all know the Manga Serebii updates every other month. The correct name is Pokemon Adventures. Current Pokemon Diamond: Torterra & Munchlax Pearl: Infernape & Chatot Lady Berlitz: Empoleon & Ponyta I think that Diamond will get a Sheildon, I can seem them both being lazy...