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    Faint Desires

    Welcome to Faint Desires art shop. My name is wolftamer, and this is my second art shop. We are currently two people, one boy and one girl, So we can accept any workers. We hope you enjoy our art shop and follow the rules. The Rules Of Faint Desires 1. Follow the SPPF rules. 2. Respect...
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    Wolftamer's Doodles And S'more

    DOODLES!!! 8D So like, I have a Tablet and photoshop, and I like to draw. I'ma show ya my drawings here. I can't find all of them, and some of them look like s--t, so here's the ones I CAN find. So yeah. That's all for now. Hope you like my artwork... Sorry for the messy lines. @_@ Ask my...
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    Reach for the stars [Banners, Icons and Wallpapers]

    Hello, welcome to my graphic thread. As you have seen in the title, I make Banners, Icons and Wallpapers. Here are some of my works: Icons Banners Wallpapers Soon to come, I have to practice my new technique. Thank you for your time, critique is appreciated, but not required...
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    Haunted Life

    :556: Hello,Welcome to haunted life,A game show were twelve contestants try to keep their sanity in a haunted mansion.They will be fighting their biggest fears,and prove themselves worthy to win.I'm Spix,Host of haunted life.We're going to have lots of fun here... Here is how Haunted life works...
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    ♫~Pixelated Pieces~♫

    Ok,My last fan sprite thread died a slow,painful,Horrible death.Now I believe that I have improved,And will post newer sprites here! Fusions Evolution Silhouettes Custom Trainers Recolors I will add more soon,But for now I have some things to do.
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    *~Pixel Pushers~*

    The shop is Open at the moment! Welcome to Pixel Pushers!Im wolftamer,and i own the shop!Here are the rules: 1~All SPPF rules apply! 2~We take 3 request's at a time! 3~Here's how the system works:Break one rule:One week ban.Break two rules:One month ban.Break 3 rules: Done!Perma ban...
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    Wolftamers Sprite Thread

    EDIT: This thread is dead.I'll make a new one with new,Better works. Hi!I like making fusions,pokeballs,trainers,chaos and recolors!I would like to be better though so i have made this thread for advice on what to improve on ^_^ Here are some of my works: I made a teampose out of...
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    Are you mad?

    Hello.I'm wolftamer.This Thread is for people out there who have a complaint.You can post your complaint in a comment and i will read it and help you,listen to you or i can just agree with you!I will respond to every comment. But if you see that someone has complained and i haven't responded to...