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    ER's recent doodles

    I'm not tooo serious about drawing, but I guess a little critique wouldn't hurt. Just be nice, okay? Red-lining is good too. Nothing special~ but here goes :3 My main issue right now is anatomy, if you couldn't tell. ^^; I'll only post my pokemon art here..
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    Rosies Art!

    Oh geese, you guys, I haven't been improving at all and my computer keeps freezing on serebii so I can't really post any art. I went to DA, but all I got was like 20 favs and OMG CUTE etcetc ;w; I would like some good constructive crit., please. I beg of you intelligent people. AHEM Anyway...
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    'veerose made a desktop wallpaper~

    I think its meh, I sorta like it. http://cinderpelty.deviantart.com/art/Eeveelutions-Wallpaper-142226815 Tell me what you think, please. Just don't be too offensive, rudeness is not wanted!
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    The rose request shop ~

    1. Follow all of the forum rules and guidelines 2. Be patient and polite 3. Post here to say thank you to whoever made your sprite when its done, so they know you got it. 4.Always give credit 5. Use the forms or else D< 6. Don’t spam. If you have any questions/complaints PM me. 1. Eeveerose...
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    Some recent sprites ...

    Allrighty then. Before you guys get too picky on me, just let me say that I still need a TON of work on all my sprites. So I would appreciate it if you would point out what I did wrong, and what I did right. My computer got a virus, so I had to delete all my files, so here are some newer...
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    Young Lugia and Ho-oh

    or at least, sort of. xD Ho-oh (who is older, I think..) is hanging around lugia, and lugia is all happy and whee and stuff.. I dunno lol it made sense at the time Time taken - 2 hours programs used - Photoshop I have avian anatomy issues... and lol at ho-oh's messed up foot. There is a...
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    The "light plate"?

    Its some plate for Arceus. Apparently its the ??? type. My friend is trying to find it... Does it exist? Where is it located? >w<'
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    Luxray used... -insert random electric move here-

    Its been awhile~ I drew my Luxray from Platinum because I felt like it. I drew the Luxray in MS paint, and then got lazy and scribbled a cheap background in photoshop. Erm, C+C is appreciated. I know I'm not the best, but I tried =D Also, to make it unique-ish, I made the face...
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    Petal Region

    Hiya guys! Eeveerose ish back! and with improved art! I decided to start a fake dex. I may ditch it though. So I will make them in order. They are made of whatever I feel like drawing at the time. I also need some naming ideas, okies? So if you have any ideas, please tell! #1 - -no name yet-...
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    Some random stuff from the past few months...

    I have been practicing photoshop and shiz.. For my friend cause we did an art trade Someones Gaiaonline avi that they requested Eevee still loves MS paint!~ I need more ideas ._.
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    Eeveerose's simple drawings, recolors and fusions shop ~

    Hello, and welcome to my shop! ^-^ First of all, I would like you to read these rules before you post in my shop, okay? Rule number one : Please be respectful, and follow all of the forum rules Rule number two : No chatspeak - this includes " Plz" thnx" and stuff. Rule number three : Use the...
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    Some random sprites ~

    I decided to make a few random sprites in Corel PSPX2... So please enjoy *spriting newb* I just tested random effects ^-^'
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    I kill you nao?

    In the spirit of Halloween, and a ***** on youtube who was sending me death threats, I made this! Its my first drawing in photoshop (using the pen tool) Idk how to fix the coloring, it leaves white spots... *photoshop Noob* Sorry its crappy x3;133;
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    Mercury dust

    Welcome to my fan-fic, Mercury dust. Its kinda hard to explain , and my prologue is short, foreshadowing something later in the story.... Its a sonic fan-fic - Sonic is (c) Sega Prologue Mercury knew the fighting was over for now, but she was still aware of many problems. She gasped ...
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    Emo fluffy wolfy dude thing

    Ok soooo... Fost325 and I were on windows live messenger, and he was like " I have a request" it was for me to draw some kind of blank wolf template so he could color it. and yes, foxy-kun (the old nightblaze) was on too. We have remained friends ^_^ So she showed me hers that she colored that...
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    Haun- Wheres mai hand?

    Yea... Someone said that I need to stop drawing so many cute pokemon so I decided to draw haunter and i always thought it was funny how haunters hands float around randomly so I wondered " would they fly away?" I answered yes and made this Haunter piccy ~ its pretty big, so just click...
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    oohh mah sparkly trainer card

    Yush C and C welcome xD just something i threw together in a few minutes and if you want to use the template here Making templates in photoshop is fun <33
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    Love is forever....

    Not exactly my best.. and for some reason my lines keep dissappearing... I dont know.... My friends sister is getting married today So I made her and her new husband a picture She likes ninetales he likes Milotic (not allowed to mention names for now) I think its a little too bright Time...
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    Best friends... (large image)

    Idk im not very good at the whole photoshop editing thingy but i tried right?
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    Shaymin sky form

    yea ^^ I just foun d a program i have actually had on my computer for a while.. i just never checked (my step dad loaded a bunch of programs onto my computer before giving it to me) So i decided to draw shaymins adorable new sky form Its my first try at Adobe Illustrator , so please be...