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    Chasing Railroad Tracks

    I’m sitting on Ash’s bed right now, marveling at the timeless souvenirs of innocence that have been preserved all around me. This room is like a museum, was my first thought when I stepped into the small space filled wall to wall with childhood memories. Not my own memories, but someone...
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    ~¤Skullface¤~ It was hideous. The thing my mother gave birth to, they all said it was ugly. They would never look at my mother the same way again. As for me, no one would even think to look at me. Why look at me, who is hideous. No one wants to be my friend. No one. … My...
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    Say, remember back when we were kids, and we’d try and catch these creatures called Pokémon, and then we’d use them to battle each other and stuff? And everyone wanted to be a- Pokémon Master, even though none of us actually knew what that meant. I mean, it was so stupid and pointless...
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    Help Getting Started

    Okay, as some of you may know, I've been planning for a while now to finally get started on my first chaptered Fanfiction. I have plenty of "original" concepts in mind and a general idea of where the plot will go, and I'd love to begin writing some of the later chapters. Unfortunately, I have...
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    ~¤Ash, Gary, & Molly¤~

    ~¤Ash, Gary, & Molly¤~ Wow, it's been such a long time since I've posted a pencil drawing. ^^; And it's been even longer since I've felt this kind of feeling: satisfaction. <333 I think this is one of my favorite pictures. They all came out great. I adore Molly's face, although I...
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    ~¤Recollecting Rainbows¤~ (A more-than-one-shot)

    ~¤Recollecting Rainbows¤~ (A more-than-one-shot) (I'm really sorry for trying to cheat the swear filter, but I honestly feel the story isn't the same without the swears. If this is majorly against the rules please let me know.) This was originally supposed to be a sidestory of Chasing...
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    ~¤Chasing Rainbows - Preview¤~

    ~¤Chasing Rainbows - Preview¤~ “They’re all just chasing rainbows.” --From an interview with Lance, Champion of the Kanto-Johto League That's right, folks. Blue is back, and she's started writing a chaptered Fanfiction! 83 This is just a rough draft, and it will probably need to go...
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    ~¤Something¤~ Drawn for someone over at Gaia Online. Why? I have no idea. Comments and/or Critisicm are appreciated!
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    ~+Gothic Kirlia+~

    ...I suck at backgrounds. XD Design based off Marion from Shaman King. Comments and/or Critisicm are appreciated!
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    ~¤Scratch Trainer¤~

    ~¤Scratch Trainer¤~ *peeks head in* Wow, does anyone remember me here? o_O; Anyway, for no reason at all, I felt like making a trainer sprite from scratch. So here's one: I don't like the legs, but I used the R/S May sprite for reference. *shrugs* Comments and/or Critisicm are...
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    ~¤Some Scratch Sprites¤~

    ~¤Some Scratch Sprites¤~ Whee, how long has it been since I posted here? ^^; Anyway, made some sprites from scratch today. Dunno why. Comments and/or Critisicm are appreciated!
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    ~¤Love & Death¤~

    ~¤Love & Death¤~ What time the mighty moon was gathering light Love paced the thymy plots of Paradise, And all about him roll’d his lustrous eyes; When, turning round a cassia, full in view, Death, walking all alone beneath a yew, And talking to himself, first met his sight. ‘You must...
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    ~¤Pretty May-chan¤~

    ~¤Pretty May-chan¤~ (Humph. Photobucket resized it. >>) I have to say, I'm really proud of this one. 8. Second time inking a picture, and probably my first succesful attempt at coloring a human character in Photoshop. Comments and/or Critisicm are greatly appreciated! P.S. I...
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    ~¤Goodbye, Ralts¤~

    ~¤Goodbye, Ralts¤~ Yep, I really enjoyed today's episode. XD Comments and/or Critisicm are appreciated!
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    ~¤World upon World¤~

    ~¤World upon World¤~ All my life, I’ve held the belief that someday I shall fly. Leave behind the waters that nurtured me in my infancy, soar off into the infinite blue sea that exists just above my own. Ocean upon ocean, world upon world. That other world… called Sky. How I yearned to...
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    ~¤Present for a Friend¤~

    ~¤Present for a Friend¤~ I was too lazy to go over the lines... So I just resized it. >> Bleh. Comments and/or Criticism are appreciated!
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    ~¤Eyes of Ho-Oh: Final Trials¤~

    ~¤Eyes of Ho-Oh: Final Trials¤~ "Hey. Are you lost?" I called out to the frail little form standing beneath the streetlight, knee-deep in the glistening snow. She turned slowly to gaze at me, blinking in bewilderment, as if she didn't understand the words I spoke. Her frontal...
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    ~¤Jirachi's Dream¤~

    ~¤Jirachi's Dream¤~ I'm stalling... o.o _________________________________________________ "Jirachi..." ... "Jirachi! Wake up! That voice... "Jirachi!" It sounds so familiar... ... It's calling to me... --------------------------------------------- "Hey...
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    ~¤Life of a Legend: Ho-Oh¤~

    ~¤Life of a Legend: Ho-Oh¤~ The world is dying. I've been watching it, ever since the beginning of time and space itself. These past few years, all I've seen is hatred and grief. People and Pokémon die, young and old, for pointless causes. I've witnessed so much anger, so much...
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    ~¤Life of a Legend: Lugia¤~

    ~¤Life of a Legend: Lugia¤~ Yeah, yeah. What took me so long? XP Anyway, here you go Chibi Pika! (^.^) I know you like First Person POV, so I decided to write it that way instead of Third Person as I'd intended. =) Enjoy! ____________________________________________ There was a...