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    Pokémon : For Them - Discussion Thread

    Pokémon : For Them - Discussion Thread APPROVED BY RaZoR LeAf Sign-Up Thread ----Space For RPG Thread ---- Member List: (Name, Type, Relative(s), User) Dusty Hawkins, Ground, Roark and Byron, Elementman-Novapoke. Karl Richard Firth, Water, Juan, RaZoR LeAf. Kumori B...
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    A Seventh Pokémon?

    A Seventh Pokémon? So, as we all know, on any given person's Pokémon team, they can have up to six Pokémon. But Why? What's stopping the trainers from carrying an extra Pokéball with them, which contains another Pokémon? What's to stop them from having seven - or more! - Pokémon on their...
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    Pokémon - For Them V2. YEAH IT'S BACK!

    Pokémon - For Them V2. YEAH IT'S BACK! Well, after much deliberation, I have decided to resurrect my much-beloved RPG, that never really got going. XD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pokémon: For Them. The world of Pokémon. We all know it; some of us love it. We all remember and recognize the...
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    Soo... Draglade, anyone?

    Draglade Yes, i've made a thread about Draglade. So, what is Draglade? Draglade is a fighting game developed by Dimps for the Nintendo DS. However, it has many rythmic aspects that come into play during the fights. There are also small platforming-esque sections throughout the game too...
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    Just a Quickie...

    Hullo. Does anyone know of a free image-hosting site that converts JPG / BMP / etc to PNG? Thanks.
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    Pokemon: For Them.

    Pokemon: For Them. The world of Pokemon. We all know it; some of us love it. We all remember and recognise the nostalgic feel of Route 1, the terrifying heights of Mt. Coronet, the volcanic ash of Mt. Chimney and the treacherous whirlpools of the Whirl Islands. We all know what nearly all...
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    *sighs* GCSE's...

    *sighs* GCSEs... Well, I think this only applies for us Brits, but it may apply to other people too. The more, the merrier, I s'pose. So, for those in year 9, what have you chosen for your GSCE's? For those in either year 10 or 11, what subjects are you doing currently; what's your opinion...
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    First Time In This Section, Don't Shoot.

    As I've just said, it's my first time in this section, please don't murder me if I mess up. Also, i'll say this now, I'd like to take this team into the Competitive scene, if possible. And, another thing, I SUCK at EV's. I can't really do them. I have not used got these yet, hence all...
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    Hey, this is my first thread in this section, if i'veposted it in the wrong place, don't shoot. Is there anywhere that I can download the PNG save type for free? Or. Is there any image uploading site that would change and image from gif/jpg/bmp to png? Thanks.
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    Pokemon: The Trials Of Friendship.

    Hey everyone, just to let you know that this is my second fic - first if you don't count the abysmal thing I wrote ages ago. I hope you lot enjoy this, the plot will get better later on, I promise. If you want me to tell you when I post a new chapter, just ask. PM LIST: 1.) Shadow Lucario...
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    Erm, just a question.

    Well, hey guys. I've got a question, and it relates to signatures. What's with the 7 Line rules? My sig isn't 7 Lines, is it? How come if I try to put in another line, the 7 Line rule pops up? Seriously?! If it's something to do with my Banner, it surely doesn't take up that much space...
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    Digimon : In Their Footsteps - (SU)

    “Okay guys, it’s now or never. We’ve gotta destroy this thing!” The battered and bruised leader yelled. The other 9 members of the team nodded in unison. They all hated this beast as much as the leader – Stanley Kingsley – did. The group separated and began the plan. They had gone over this plan...
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    A question i'd like you to help with.

    Hi. Here's the question: I have a PC. If I were to get a laptop, and a wireless router, could 2 different members log into here at the same time? If one was on the Pc and the other on the laptop. Would it work/allow it?
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    Help please...

    Hi. Where do you get the wise glasses or whatever they're called? On the site, it says between 2 times, and in Celestic town. I'm between the 2 times and in celestic town; where is it? Please help. Thanks.
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    Bloody Roar - The tournament of Zoanthropes (PG - 13 for violence) - Retry!

    Okay, i'm retrying this, so I hope it's okay this time. Useful Phrases: Zoanthrope: A human like creatrure that has the ability to transform into a half-human(form), half-animal creature with heightened senses and skills. Also, they have higher endurance than a human. Human Form: Your...
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    Bloody Roar - The tournament of Zoanthropes (might be PG - 13 for violence).

    This is the 1st RPG i've made, so I hope this post is OK! ~Summary~ The year is 2007, you are a Zoanthrope and you are entering your first Zoanthrope fighting tournament, which is commonly know as The Bloody Roar Tournament. The war between Zoanthropes and humans is still on, but you have...
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    Firstly, I apollogise if this is in the wrong section. If so, mods can move it. So, with diamond and pearl coming out in the UK (and the rest of Europe I think) soon, when will the anime start? Has anyone got any ideas?
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    Mario Strikers Charged (football)

    This is the thread for the upcoming game, Mario Strikers Charged (american + jap name) / Mario Strikers Charged Football (australian + european name). This is the second game in the Mario strikers series, the first being Super Mario Strikers (jap + american name) / Mario Smash football...
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    Please help me!

    Okay, I was going to change my avvie, and when I tried this happened: I can't go onto the other pages of the d/p anime avvies(pg 2, 3, 4 etc)! Please help.
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    The Official Spectrobes Club

    Here it is, the long awaited Spectrobes Club! Rules: 1. Obey all Sppf Rules 2. Don't flame / bash Spectrobes 3. Have Fun! Spectrobes is an upcoming game for the DS, which uses the DS' features amazingly well. Owner: Me Co-owners: parasectdude, ~Dotaitos~ Members +: The...