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    ~Chasing The Grail~ A B/W LC team

    Hey there everybody, I'm TMO. Recently I've been getting back into Little Cup. I've decided to start from scratch and decided to build a team revolving around Pawniard and Choice Scarf Mienfoo. Here's the team for those who don't like to read walls of text: Dwebble (M) @...
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    TheMetalOverlord's Castle of Extravaganza

    Intro Welcome everyone to my trade shop. In here I can offer the following types of pokemon: Event Pokemon, Egg Move Pokemon, DWf Pokemon, and shiny/non-shiny flawless pokemon. I also offer something rather rare or unique to Trade Shops: The Battle Zone. The Battle Zone will be explained in...
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    The NEW 5th Gen. Little Cup thread

    Since the Little Cup thread died back in May, I have decided to revive this metagame. Little Cup was introduced back in the days of G/S/C when you can hatch baby pokemon at level 5. Each generation started in 3rd gen had banned pokemon, banned items, and even banned moves. With the introduction...
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    Rate my RU Team

    Manectric @ Life Orb Ability: Lightningrod EVs: 6 HP/252 Sp.Atk./252 Speed Nature: Timid - Protect - Flamethrower - HP Ice - Thunderbolt With lightningrod's upgrade in B/W, manectric can absorb any electric attacks and get a Sp. Attack boost in return, so that'll help whenever my opponenet...
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    TheMetalOverlord's Palace of Wisdom

    Welcome to my trade shop. If you see anything that interests you, please ask. Big Announcement: The shop shall be closed for a short while until I finish updating the OP the way I want it to look like. So, please don't make any offers. If you make any offers, you get 2 strikes immediately...