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  1. DrasticPhase

    Battle Subway. Super Singles

    So this is my battle subway team. I'm currently at my 42th streak, and my highest streak. I am tweaking before I go in the subway again. So let's go :D Scrafty @ Life Orb/ Lum Berry Ability: Moxie Nature: Jolly EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 HP -Dragon Dance -Drain Punch -Ice Punch -Crunch The...
  2. DrasticPhase

    League Enchanted Garden

    CLOSED League Enchanted Garden Welcome to League Enchanted Garden, official league of Team Enchanted Garden,and it's amazing founder... Eeveelover824! Here, you will face many challenges! And they will be fierce battles against strong opponents! But first, let's go over the rules... Rules...
  3. DrasticPhase

    Heartgold team!

    Currently my team is still training in victory road and i kind of like the team.i only need one more pokemon(prefably a special attacker). So lets the pokemon rate begin! Feraligatr Random EVs Impish -Waterfall -Slash(superpower) -Crunch -Ice Fang/Ice punch Feraligatr is my second...
  4. DrasticPhase

    Team Unova doubles well note really

    So its time for a new team. No kanto, johto, hoenn, and sinnoh pokemon. And what region is it? Yes it is Unova! Uhm so well lets get started :) . Amoongus@black sludge Ability:Effect Spore EVs:252 def/252 SpD/4 hp Nature:Bold -Spore -Rage Powder -Giga Drain -Synthesis/Toxic Don't...
  5. DrasticPhase

    Battle Subway Team

    So, I was like really frustrated about the super single train battle subway so I chose one of each(Waller, Physical, and and special Sweepers).It may not have good synergy with each other.So here we go Blissey@ Leftovers Ability:Natural cure EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD Nature:Bold -Aromatherapy...
  6. DrasticPhase

    Trick Room Team for double/triple[need major improvement]

    So I got Really bored of playing pokemon so i want ro make a new team that will be using Trick Room(obviously) ~Team at a glance~ Slowbro Amoongus Cofagrigus Metagross Reuniclus Conkeldurr Slowbro@? Ability: Own Tempo(till i get DW) EVs: 252 Hp/200 SpD/56 def Nature: Sassy •Trick...
  7. DrasticPhase


    Hey,this is going to be my first RMT. i need crititsim and some of my pokemons have bad natures and moves,but it is not competetive battling.so here we go :) Zoroark (Timid) @Life Orb Ability :Illusion EVs: 252 speical attack/252 speed/4 hp -Flamethrower -Nasty Plot -Focus blast -Night...
  8. DrasticPhase

    Hey im new :)

    Hey :), as what it says on my topic,i am new x). I have been reading the threads when i didn't made an account so i thought i make one x).i am pretty new to competetive battling so yeah. HEY =)