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    Snake For SSB4 Support Thread

    The next line of Smash Bros. games are coming soon, and everybody is vying for their for their favorite character to be in the game. Solid Snake is one of the most popular characters in the games, but yet no information has been revealed on his status. Snake is one of the most iconic characters...
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    XY OU Team

    This team is a Balance team which aims to set up hazards as quickly as possible, then start sweeping as soon as possible. Deoxys-D (FOXDIE) -Spikes -Stealth Rocks -Thunder Wave -Psycho Boost Item Attached: Red Card Ability: Presure EVs and Nature: EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe Serious Nature...
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    Hi, I am Drizzle Milotic. This is my first Fan-Fic so sorry if it isn't the best. I will try to uptade to story once every week, probably on Sundays. I am open for character suggestions and I would be very grateful if you would want to help out with the overall story plot. Chapter 1: School...
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    Why Hello There

    Hello, my name is Drizzle Milotic. I am a Pokemon VCG Battler. I am looking to find a clan and become best VCG Battler in Canada. My hobbies include Pokemon and SSBB. So yeah, that's me.