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    Your thoughts and opinions on the Episode N Arc?

    A monumental disappointment in my view. the moral conflict about realising pokemon is completely removed. N is mildly interesting at first, and they at least keep his character faithful to the games... except Ash fairly easily convinces him that his pokemon are happy in slavery and therefore...
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    GS Ball plot in Best Wishes 2?

    I read this online, is it true?
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    Which pokemon game in your own opinion had the worst postgame?

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    Why is Luke treated like a main character by fans?

    He only showed up for 4 episodes and we have no proof he's even collecting gym badges, yet people here put him on the level of importance as Ash, Cilan, Iris, Burgundy, Georgia, Stephen, Bianca, and Trip(The Unova Nine, people like to call them).
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    Problems with imposter and immature writer.

    Recently, I found out that someone was using my Fanfiction.net account name to flame a story written by an author called Dryuu. He always used private messages, so all he had to do was know my name to pose as me. I tried to convince the author of the story he was flaming that we were different...
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    Why can't Cilan try working on his Connoisseur occupation any?

    SPOILERS We haven't had an episode dedicated to Cilan's Connoisseur status since A Connoisseur's Revenge! which only revealed the ranking system, not how one goes up in rank. We know Cilan is A-Class while Burgundy is C-Class, but Burgundy only wants to be a better Connoisseur than...
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    What do you think of Ash and Trip's Rivalry so far?

    SPOILERS BELOW I find it quite boring myself, especially compared to Iris/Georgia and Cilan/Burgundy. I find the problem in my liking the rivalry stems from 2 things. 1. Trip is a beginner trainer ________________________________ Ash vs. Gary: Both legitimately beginner trainers with no on...
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    Rate my current ingame Pokemon Red team

    Corona(Charizard) LV. 48 -Slash -Flamethrower -Body Slam -Leer Garland(Nidoking) LV. 40 -Rock Slide -Earthquake -Bubblebeam -Strength Salt(Parasect) Lv. 44 -Spore -Mega Drain -Leech Life -Slash Blitz(Jolteon) LV. 54 -Thunder -Double Kick -Pin Missle -Swift...
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    Looking for an Ash/May fic about ash competing against the Elite Four.

    And he and May owned a Shiny Pichu.
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    When was the Pokemon franchise ruined for you?

    Basically, when(if it did) did the franchise jump the shark for you?