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    Battle Maison team

    So let's try this again. I'm not a hero at making competitive teams, but I really wanna get that 200 win streak. This is the team I used last time. Metagross (Metagrossite): -Meteor Mash -Earthquake -Protect -Zen Headbutt Infernape (Focus Band): -Flare Blitz -Close Combat -Grass...
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    Your most precious pokemon

    Title says it. Who's your most precious pokemon? Mine's my infernape from diamond, he has taken down more pokemon than any of my other pokes.
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    city kid or village person?

    Do you like to live in the big city, or rather in a quiet village? I live in a village but go to school in the city where my parents used to live and i really prefer the city because of all the people (i love crowds) but also because its so much easier, i can go to my friends whenever i want...
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    Tropios' Tropical Tikishop

    ;357;Tropios' Tropical Tikishop;357; Rules: ;357;1. Don’t spam. ;357;2. No flaming. ;357;3. Use the forms. ;357;4. Only 3 requests per person. ;357;5. Give credit. ;357;6. All serebii rules ofcourse. ;357; ;357; ;357; ;357; Wcailum's Work: OPEN Form:1 Sprite Edit Pokemon Y/N Trainer...
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    ygo-adv: Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No it's the sanctuary in the sky!

    monsters: 1xNeo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin 2xMeltiel, Sage of the Sky 1xHarvest Angel of Wisdom 2xNova Summoner 1xAirknight Parshath 1xRadiant Jeral 1xGellenduo 1xZeradias, Herald of Heaven 1xSky Scourge Invicil 2xHonest 1xDark Valkyria 1xTualatin 1xBountiful Artemis...
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    ygo-adv: abracadabragicians

    This is the deck i made with the cards i have, i tested it against an A-ok person and won twice, but i think its just not good and ill try to get those cards that i need, but here are my magicians: monsters: 21 2x dark magician 1x dark magician girl 1x dark magician knight 1x breaker the...
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    Tropios sprites and banners

    i started spriting a week ago and i think they are not bad at all. However i dont know how to erase the white, but tell me what you think of it ^^ my first sprite ever: baby rotom: http://img16.imageshack.us/i/naa.png/ a tropius baby: tropalm :p http://img16.imageshack.us/i/tropalm.png/...
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    ygo-adv: i need help with endymion sd!

    As soon as i find one, ill buy spellcasters command. but i dont know which of those cards i have to take out or which i have to put in so here are the cards i have: monsters: 2x dark magician (i atleast put 1 in, no matter what u say) 1x sorcerer of dark magic 1x chaos socerer 1x magical...
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    ygo adv: this is an alien invation! muahahahahaaaa!

    not done yet but here it is monsters 26: 2x alien dog 2x alien kid 2x alien overlord 2x alien psychic 3x alien hypno 2x alien mars 3x alien hunter 2x alien grey 3x alien amonite 2x alien warrior 1x alien mother 1x alien skull 1x flying saucer muusik'i RIP gangiel (forgot his...
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    YGO-adv: Dawn Of The Black Rose

    its still unfinished and i still dont have black rose dragon but i will get it soon. its based on akiza's deck. monsters: 1x inmato 1x twilight rose knight 1x copy plant 2x gigantic cephalotus 1x nettles 1x samsara lotus 1x hedge gaurd 1x wall of ivy 3x evil thorn 1x phoenixan...
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    3th gen remakes

    im sure they will come, every game is gonna get a remake. but what would you want in them? i would like to see the contests exactly like in the tv series, and let you choose if you wanna be trainer, coordinator, pokethlon trainer or all
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    questions about dueling and boosters?

    on this thread i shal give an answer on your questions about dueling and boosters. If i can't answer someone else may do that.(if you don't thrust my info: i losed just 3 duels!)
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    Who is your favourite yu-gi-oh! character: Yugi, Jaden or Yusei?

    Yugi Muto Jaden Yuki Yusei Fudo mine is Jaden.
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    stardust dragon

    it is a cool card but the effect is not really good.
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    the duelist genesis

    New serie, new boosters. This is a thread about the new yu-gi-oh! 5d's cards.