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    Hey quickly need your fc

    Hey quickly need your fc
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    Pokémon - Mewtwo Form - UNCONFIRMED + Dream World Catalogue

    Yes, i sort of merged the two, didnt i?
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    Pokémon - Mewtwo Form - UNCONFIRMED + Dream World Catalogue

    I would be okay if he was a form like sky giratina, or the rotoms, but if they have him as a seperate legendary, or by gods a evolution, i may finally find my first complaint of gen 6 (im a pessimist, deal with it)
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    I dont think so, cause for eggs synchronyze needs to be one of the parents i thought, and in party would only be for wild pokemon
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    Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

    if you could, just give gardevoir a wide lens instead, even if the hp is fire or fighting, chances are the power is so low it wouldnt do the damage in two turns focus blast would in 1 and a miss
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    Anyone else glad they included the GB sounds?

    I actually didnt notice it until like a year after i got the game, but now i use it every time i play lol, had gold, silver, and crystal, so it made me feel at home
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    No, am on holiday at the moment.

    No, am on holiday at the moment.
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    5th gen takeover

    I am finding that no matter where i'm going in the gen 4 section, people are always wanting to trade for a genesect, or give a black/white fc unknowingly. Do you think it's about time to go to gen five, or ahould i stay with gen four, where i can actually remember all the pokemon/moves etc?
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    What starter did you choose?

    Always either chimchar or turtwig, as i dislike the moves empoleon learns for a playthrough, and find he has too many weaknesses that are hard to suppress
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    Trade Forum Blacklist

    Die X Letze Krin 3268 4778 834 in gen four he traded me a ho oh for a oto2010 mew, and the ho oh said it was from aquity lakefront, lvl 37. He refused to trade back when requested
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    The Questions Thread: ask things, get answers maybe

    What would the main difference, besides simple apps, be between an ipad and a playbook? Im thinking of purchasing one
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    what animals haven't been turned into Pokémon yet?

    Something like a mountain lion would be sweet, i dont think ive seen one based on that yet
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    Would you still play Pokémon if it was only the original 151 Pokémon?

    Yes, as long as they would have still included all the various things they have over the years, and new regions and such. Keeping to the 151 would make the game a lot more challenging in my opinion
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    trubbish and garbordor like or not?

    I definitely dont, and was quite surprised pokemon would even release such an idea, even if they tried to make more closely related to real animal/things as their gen 5 basis
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    How would you bring up the games?

    if you have a problem with newer games, play old ones. they arent hard to find, go on ebay. if you think the games are too easy, hard, or complex, find another game. it's not the hardest thing, and there are thousands of options
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    Yes, I would appreciate it if you could open my shop for me! I sent it twice because I didn't...

    Yes, I would appreciate it if you could open my shop for me! I sent it twice because I didn't know the fIrst went through, but ill check now. Thanks for the warning
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    Hello Everybody!

    you change your profile pick in settings at the top of the site, should be various options on your left when you click it
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    hey, i can trade now if you want. pm me

    hey, i can trade now if you want. pm me
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    Embarrassing things that you have seen/done.

    Puking on my gf's shoes at a fair, while she was unphased by the rides. Almost did twice
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    #158 Totodile / #159 Croconaw / #160 Totodile

    Its a long shop, but i really want a shiny totodile/evolution! I would trade anything for it, as long as it is legit