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  1. Xeogran

    Do you think Giovanni and Team Rocket will have a major role in the finale of Journeys?

    Considering there's a slight chance this may be Ash's final season, and the Masters 8 isnt' exactly the finale either.. Could it be that we get the very ultimate Team Rocket arc? Perhaps tied to Project Mew, since Team Rocket has deep involvement with Mew (and of course Mewtwo) too.
  2. Xeogran

    December 11th: PM2019 049 - Koharu and the Really Mysterious Eievui!

    Top blurb: Koharu meets a mysterious Eievui! Bottom blurb: Wanpachi will play a major role in this episode! ------ The "Eievui Evolution Laboratory" in Kuchiba City is a research institute that specializes in Eievui and its evolved forms. A certain "special Eievui" lives there alongside its 8...
  3. Xeogran

    Cresselia was robbed.

    ;488; She deserved to co-star in M10 alongside Darkrai. Her Anime appearance was pretty meh and unimpactful. As a Pokemon who is supposed to be the counterpart to Darkrai, it feels weird that the writers decided to totally neglect her. Darkrai gets random appearances in every gen since I...
  4. Xeogran

    Aoi Yuki's Iris ranks 24th in "characters whose voice you want to hear again" poll

    Should have worded the title better. Basically, Aoi Yuuki, the Voice Actress in Japan for Iris, has recently been ranked as 24th Best Seiyuu on NHK TV. The interesting thing is, she was the only Seiyuu who got awarded for a role in Pokemon on said ranking. As someone who watched the entirety...
  5. Xeogran

    Are we ever going to see Mega Mewtwo X?

    It kinda feels weird that they introduced two new Mega Forms for Mewtwo back in the Sixth gen, yet we only got a movie with one. Mega Mewtwo Y also starred in a movie where nobody knew what Mega Evolution is, so it came more as an ordinary transformation like Shaymin for example. But what...
  6. Xeogran

    I'm surprised we haven't seen another Spiritomb yet.

    Ever since the D/P episode (which was amazing btw), there has been no sight of Spiritomb. Not in movies, anime episodes or anywhere else. Is it possible there is only one in existence? It's such an unique Pokemon that I wonder how could they use it again.
  7. Xeogran

    "Team Plasma wouldn't get a big role anyways."

    So, people often make such a statement in response to when I say that Best Wishes plot got torn into pieces due to the Team Rocket VS Team Plasma cancellation. Their main argument is that "(...) Well in the next episodes they didn't appear anyways so I think they would be beaten fairly easily."...
  8. Xeogran

    July 16: Movie 19-Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna (Sep 2: Playback the XY&Z 15)

    http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/ http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/img/pc/index/ver151215/posterBig.png Featuring: Somegoro Ichikawa as VOLCANION Mayu Matsuoka as CHYMIA Shoko Nakagawa as RACEL Koichi Yamadera as JARVIS and Abareru-kun as ONIGOHRI THEME SONG: "Throw Your Voice in the Mailbox" by...