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  1. Commander L. Halsti

    Looking for a Galarian Darumaka w/ Inner Focus

    I am looking for an Inner Focus Galarian Darumaka to ensure a Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan. Nature or IV-s do not matter. It is intended for a story playthrough of Shield. In return, I can give a Scyther w/Metal Coat, Rhydon w/ Protector, Haunter, Togekiss, Galarian Rapidash, Lunatone, Politoed...
  2. Commander L. Halsti

    Looking for Own Tempo Rockruff or Poipole

    I have recently gotten Ultra Moon, but the period for the Mystery Gift Rockruff has passed. I have caught a Shiny Furfrou I am willing to trade for an Own Tempo Rockruff someone might have bred, OR a Poipole, preferably no higher than Lv. 35. Thank you in advance.
  3. Commander L. Halsti

    Stage 1 Pokemon for Pokemon Y

    I am trying to complete the Kalos Pokedexes on PKMN Y I need the following Pokemon: Chespin Bulbasaur Munchlax Wynaut Makuhita Diglett Wooper Gastly Lotad Voltorb Swinub Timburr Spinarak Hoothoot Igglybuff Zorua Gothita Teddiursa Aron Purrloin Patrat Natures and EV/IV-s do not matter. I have...
  4. Commander L. Halsti

    Got an actual Pokemon game- but I need an advice

    After many years of playing Pokemon on emulators (due to initial fears of console screens ruining my eyesight (I have one good eye since birth), and me not having enough money to get the actual stuff in previous years), I finally bought the console 3DS XL on Saturday, along with Pokemon Y. Now...
  5. Commander L. Halsti

    Empathy towards NPC-s or: am I insane?

    Has anyone else, besides me, experienced sadness whose source is, for example, the fact that in BW2, the Relic Castle is sinking into sand...to be forgotten forever? Or, upon leaving the Join Avenue and the first, offline-created shop, realizing that he/she will never be able to fulfill the...
  6. Commander L. Halsti

    Yu-Gi-Oh anime questions

    Related to the Orichalcos type monsters' names. Shunoros and Kyutora. Do those names mean anything. I know most other names are from Greek, but these sound strange. Also, why is Timaeus pronounced like 'Tomias'? Is it just mangled pronunciation?
  7. Commander L. Halsti

    Entralink/Wi-Fi access?

    I've heard that buildings and people disappear from the Black City/White Forest if you change the time/date settings too much. Or you play the game too slowly. If I buy a DS, I hope to avoid this by having Entralink access. Can I use it fully with access to a wireless connection I have at home...
  8. Commander L. Halsti

    Team Composition Dilemma

    This is my planned team for Heart Gold. I'm certain about some members, but not so much on others. I need advice on what to select. Feraligatr(Muscle Band)-Torrent Waterfall Crunch Avalanche ? Magcargo(Wise Glasses)-Flame Body Flamethrower Ancient Power Yawn/Light Screen Recover Crobat(Poison...
  9. Commander L. Halsti

    Advice on completing team required

    I have thought of 4-5 Pokemon I would like to try out, but I need to choose someone to fit them. The Pokemon and the planned movesets: Rotom(in some appliance form, not sure which will it be) Ability:Levitate holds Spell Tag or Magnet Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Thunder Wave ?(I need a good...
  10. Commander L. Halsti

    Korean language

    I'm a bit of a language freak, and I have the desire to learn Korean, if a course appeared in my city, or if I went to my country's capital. I've checked the things on Wikipedia about it. Tricky, a bit like Japanese(which I speak decently) when it comes to grammar, a lot of honorifics... But...
  11. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon dubs around the world

    A thread where people who don't watch the English or Japanese versions of Pokemon can describe the unique elements of the dubs in their countries. Like funny translations of attacks, different versions of the TR Mottos, dubbing errors... I myself had the privilege to watch 6 seasons of Pokemon...
  12. Commander L. Halsti

    Battle Frontier-a failed idea?

    This was introduced in Hoenn, as a series of facilities that you fight in, without gaining experience. The main problem is that a lot of moves cannot be obtained without going there, especially in HG/SS. Since it opens only after the E4 is beaten, you're restricted from using very useful moves...
  13. Commander L. Halsti

    Sturdy and Scientifical-HG team

    This is something planned for when I finish the game for the first time. I know there's 7 Pokemon here, but this is usual for me, using 7. I don't care about Natures, and I don't do real EV training, although I do try to improve a stat if I deem it's too low. I need help on moves and items, to...
  14. Commander L. Halsti

    Russian Pokemon community

    I'm currently learning Russian, and I want to expand my vocabulary, and understanding of the grammar. Since I like Pokemon, I got the idea of trying to search for Russian fansites, to get some material to read. I haven't been able to find any, though. Can Russian members here point me to a good...
  15. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon 2000 prophecy

    I've heard the prophecy that opens the 2. movie in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Spanish. But I can't find it in Japanese. Does anyone know where could I see that part? If someone has the lines in written, I'd be even more grateful.
  16. Commander L. Halsti

    Music track help

    I want to know what music track is played from 6:30-6:49 of this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzEnPi90paI Somebody told me this appears in the movies, but I don't know the name of the track.
  17. Commander L. Halsti


    I know that on battle simulators, people don't change genders of the party members, leaving them usually male. So, why hasn't there been movesets that rely on the Pokemon being female and using these 2 moves to cripple attacking stats? It would put an end to the overly offensive way of playing.
  18. Commander L. Halsti

    Grovyle taking on Flannery alone??

    My friend says she used her Grovyle that was between Lv. 31 and 34 and with moves Leaf Blade, Absorb, Cut and Quick Attack to wipe out Flannery. It didn't faint once. Can this realistically be done?
  19. Commander L. Halsti

    Tentacruel-based on jellyfish? Not totally.

    I've seen the 2005 version of ˝War of the Worlds˝, and after looking closely at the Tripods, I think they were used as at least a partial basis for Tentacruel, more than squids, jellyfish and man o' war. 2 large 'tentacles' to stand upright, and the smaller ones for catching. Only the Tripod has...
  20. Commander L. Halsti

    Need a Russian-speaking Pokemon fan

    I want to know how are some Pokemon(and one or two non-Pokemon) terms said in Russian. Bulbapedia hasn't got Russian pages, so...