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    LF Zeraora, Meltan & Melmetal

    LF: Zeraora, Meltan & Melmetal FT: Shiny Drakloak, Grimmsnarl, Gardevoir, Hawlucha & Magikarp (will trade 2 for 1 if the Meltan/Melmetal is shiny)
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    LF Zamazenta

    LF Zamazenta (either to keep or for the dex entry) & HA Farfetch'd Can offer 5ivs of most breedable Pokemon in exchange for Zamazenta (if for keeps) Also have HA Applin, Snom, Darmanitan, Rookidie, Sizzlipede, Impidimp, Hattene, Ditto, Rolcoly & Cursola