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    Multi-person post count increase

    Myself, and a few other users I know, have semi-recently noted that their post count has just randomly increased, by a sudden increment. Mine, it seemed to go up around 200. Others have said around 80. Some as small as maybe in the 20's. I don't care about post counts much, although I looked...
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    US Episode Air Dates?

    On the main website... It says that the Episode Cream of the Croagunk Crop! is going to air 15/11/2008 (November 15, 2008). The main page also states that A Crasher Course in Power will also air in two weeks... However, when I checked the Guide on me T.V. and checked the next two weeks... I...
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3 Attention: If you're not going to read this whole post (it is rather long), at LEAST read the chart on the bottom of this thread! So, do you know of any good ideas for animals that can maybe be turned into Pokémon? Of course there are THOUSANDS of...
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    Title. When this game comes out near you? Like if you live in Australia, are you going to buy a copy from Australia? If you import it from when it first comes out in English - from the US - that doesn't count. So yeah. Are you going to buy it? I will definitely.
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    Best Wormadam

    I looked on a couple pages and didn't see anything like this, so... What Wormadam do you think is the best? Plant Cloak, Sand Cloak, or Trash Cloak? You can base your answer on which one you think looks the coolest, which has the best stats, maybe you like the Cloak name, or maybe...
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    Which Skarmory?

    I'm making a Physical Wall/Support Skarmory I'm going for that moveset. I did some breeding and I limited my decision to two Skarmory with pretty good HP IVs, and I don't know which to use... (Note: These are their IVs, not their stats. Btw, the IVs are recorded at level 50 through PBR...
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    New areas- hidden?

    Take a look at the new Sinnoh Map... Click here to see an animation between the old and new one. (The animation destroys the quality somewhat. Click here and here to see the images individually if prefer you it.) One of the first things you'll notice between the images is... Well, the New...
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    Spin-Off Dex leaked!

    Serebii has been working hard on the Spin-Off Dex for Time, Darkness, and Ranger Batonnage, and we are all PSYCHED. However... I found it early. Pay close attention to the links: http://serebii.net/pokedex/ (This is the Original Pokedex) http://serebii.net/pokedex-dp/ (This is the Diamond and...
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    Dawn's Hair

    Dawns hair is blue in the anime [Pic 1][Pic 2]and her sprites in the game have blue hair [Pic], but I noticed something... If you look at the original art of her, she seems to have black hair... [Pic 1][Pic 2] (Or at least some shade of REALLY DARK indigo or something) Do you think Dawn was...
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    Animals that aren't Pokemon yet v2

    So, so you know of any good ideas for animals that can be turned into Pokemon? Of course there are many, but obviously many aren't good candidates for Pokemon. List some that you think are good candidates!(Possibly in Generation 5?) Tell some! If you want, get creative! Why do you think...
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    Theese are still here?

    I didn't think these would still be here. In the R/S pokedex, after # 386, Deoxys, what happeneds when you put in other numbers? Note: 388, 389, 391, 392, 394, 395, 397, and 398 are blank 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412...
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    Did you know some pokemon have very similar cries? Charazard and Rhyhorn Ditto and Polliwag Who knows more? Go to Veekun.com to hear the crys on your computer. Go to their pokedex page, and click mp3 here. Current list: Charazard ------ Rhyhorn Ditto ----------- Polliwag...
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    Do you think this is real?

    Do you think this is real? Not HOPE it is real. Actualy think it is. We all hope it is. If it isn't, someone did their Homework. It looks incredibly official.
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    Does this realy annoy you?

    You see a video of someone with a shiny, and you cant ever just look through the comment withsout someone saying "FrOmG hEs A hAcKeR!!!!!! Howd he get all those shinys? He has two pokemon that are lvl 100! He is suck a hacker" Listen! just because you don't have a shiny, or any lvl 100s...
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    Demo Version

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Guess what! 3 days ago, when I was at Target looking at the video games I saw a demo for a game! Guess what game it was? Diamond and Pearl! YAY! I palyed the demo for Diamond and pearl, and i only have 3 words to say about it: If u wana see a demo for a game, go to a...
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    You can probubly already guess whats going to happen... but whatever... Everyone says garados cant be water/dragon cause of the legend about the flying serpent and the carp... i thought of an idea. can anyone say, levitate? or maybe a new ability. one only garydos has. does that sound...
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    Pokemon DP Animie

    I read a magazine a while ago, and apparently, there was an interview with Pokemon USA in it! In the Interview, they stated that the Diamond and Pearl series is going to start in I know alot of you guys are probubly syaing "WHAT!?!?!?!" right now, cause that is a freakishly long time, but it...
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    According to serebii, Pokemon.com just released something, that says turtwig's ability is Clorophyll, Instead of overgrow like the other starters. I went to the site to check it out, and this is what i found. http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/2479/overgrownw9.png Where do you see clorophyll?
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    Budew, Budiw, Buduh, Budliah, and me.

    Read teh topic! THIS IS TO STOP YOU FROM THIS! I'm getting annoyed. And I am seing serebii getting annoyed by this too. it is giving everyone a headaque. I have prrof what it's name is. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ NOOOW DO YOUA...
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    Melissa's Not-So-Great Adventures!

    HI! welcome to my first attempt at making a comic. Tell me how you like it. I only realy make theese when I am bored, and feel like making new ones. Please dont go and say: Make more! When is episode 3? Etc. _____________________________________ Episodes 1&2 pretty much revolve around the...