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    New Type Starters.

    If the three Pokemon types were changed to something else, what would you want them out of this? Pick Three. 1.) Flying. 2.) Psychic. 3.) Fighting. 4.) Electric (Yes I know in Pokemon Yellow Pikachu was one.) 5.) Dark. 6.) Bug. 7.) Rock. 8.) Steel. 9.) Dragon...
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    Ribbon Of Love- Pokemon Fic PG

    Okay, so this is a story I really hope to finish. This is the story of Alyssa, a Pokemon Trainer turned pokemon. I called it Ribbon Of Love because Alyssa’s lucky ribbon, her previous boyfriend gave her. a ribbon has two sides, and a centre, and Alyssa has two loves, but it leads to betrayal...
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    Don't Turn Back - Pokemon Fic PG

    Well, I have thought of another storyline. Here it is. Shouldn't be more than a PG. Chapter 1 A Great Kingdom Falls. "My Lady, You really need to get going." Clarissa spoke. Her brown eyes were full of fear, and she...
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    Jedward- Love them or hate them?

    That is the question! So what's your answer?
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    Mystery Dungeon- Explorers Of The Past.

    Hello, It's me here, I hope you like the first chapter, It's a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Story, after the end of MD2. Every Comment is Welcome, I could do with some help. Chapter 1 FLASH! A Flash of Lightning hit an unknown area. Young and Old alike pokemon were running from the area...
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    Chimchar,Torchic,Cyndaquil or Charmander

    It has to be (100 %) ......;155;! It's adorable! Ranking: 1st ;155; 2nd:;255; 3rd:;004; 4th:;390; If you don't vote for:;155;- This will happen! ::o to ;155; !
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    Turtwig,Treeco,Chikoreeta or Bulbasaur?

    Chikoreeta definately! You have to love those cute eyes!
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    Piplup or Squirtle or Mudkip or Totodile?

    Mine has to be Piplup ! Before it was squirtle, but when I got Diamond- It's now Piplup!
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    Favourite Pokemon in 4th Generation??

    Mine's either Glaceon, or Piplup, Shaymin, Flareon, Turtwig and Vapareon! That's my team!- Dream Team!
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    HG/SS or D/P/PL ?

    Heart Gold and Soul Silver- well it looks good, Diamond and Pearl- BIG NONO!- For Me.. Platinum- Yay- Brill game. But being honest I think im gonna like HG/SS more Than Platinum/Pearl/Diamond... What about you guys ???
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    Favourite Gym Leader in Sinnoh?

    Well my favourite has to be Candice because of her design. Otherwise (pokemon) Gardenia. What's yours?
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    Platinum - or Diamond and Pearl???

    I prefer Platinum because the Actual Story is better and you can easily see all the pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex!!! ;492-s;- Plus Shaymin's new form- Yay! 2 forms for shaymin and Giritina!!!!