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    Do you think Ash will get his Pokemon back?

    Y'know, Pokemon Ash "left to train" like Gliscor and Primeape. Do you think he will come back for him? ~PikaPi
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    Make up a rap for the word that the last person said

    Okay, so this is what you do: User 1 will post something like "cat." User 2 will post a rap about it, like this: "The best is a cat, better than a rat. Mine sits on a mat, and it wears a big hat." RULES: 1.All SPPF rules apply. 2.All raps must be at least 4 lines long (look at...
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    Have you ever been picked on for liking Pokemon?

    Well, have you? I sure have, and I REALLY hate it. :( (BTW, if this needs to be moved, please move it. I didn't know where to put this. ^^; )
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    LuckShipping (BrockxLucy)

    This thread was (technically) approved by Kiori. ^.^ This is a thread for the pairing of Brock and Lucy (Fronteir Brain-Luck symbol) which is also called LuckShipping. They make the perfect couple and here is where we can discuss it! Hints: 1) Lucy blushes whenever Brock flirts with her...
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (move if needed)

    One of my favorite Wii games is Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and I have a question. How do you play on (classic) brawl as Jigglypuff? I'm confused. ;>.>
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    Anybody like Disturbia??

    Hi, (let me know if I'm allowed to post about 1 specific thing >_< forgot) does anybody like the song Disturbia by Rihanna? It's my favorite song and I was wondering if anybody liked it ;)
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    Team rating please =)

    Hi! My Diamond team is in my signature, rate it please? Empoleon=Lvl. 84 Moves:Hydro Pump, Cut, Surf, Rock Smash Sceptile=Lvl.100 Moves: Frenzy Plant, Leaf Storm, Rock Climb, Leaf Blade Luxray=Lvl.50 Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang, Strength, Tackle Leafeon=Lvl.58 Moves: Solarbeam...
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    How do I Get Rare Candies??

    I am REALLY wondering: How do I get a Rare candy?? I don't care if I have to cheat, but just PLASE tell me any way to get at least one!!!!
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Hi!! If you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, we can discuss it here! My favorite nation is the fire nation and my favorite character is Zuko =)