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  1. Atlidevil

    Sandstorm Pseudo-legendary PWT/Battle Subway team.

    This is a team I plan on using in the PWT along with Battle Subway. Now for fun I decided to theme them, making them a little restrictive but can still be good. Now lets dive in. Tyranitar @ Leftovers Nature: Jolly Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 4 HP/ 252 Atk / 252 Spe -Earthquake -Crunch...
  2. Atlidevil

    Highest Possible damage!

    Anyone know what the highest possible damage is? I used a special pokemon damage calculator and here is my calculations. Rhyperior @Choice Band IV: Atk 31 EV: 252 Adamant Nature Atk: 416 Attack: Focus Punch Against a Blissey with nothing special no nature no iv no ev no nothing...
  3. Atlidevil

    Partner Dilemma

    Ok here is the deal. Im getting PMD Explorers of Sky in a few days. I have never played Explorers of Time or Darkness. Im having trouble chosing a partner. I have Four selected ones i want tough. Totodile, Turtwig, Riolu and Munchlax. I cant decide so i want to ask you guys...
  4. Atlidevil

    Platinum Battle Frontier Team!

    Here is the team i have been very slowly piecing for about two months..after 4 days. Anyway here it is so Rate,advice and ...rate! Garchomp (Jolly) @ Choice Band/ Leftovers EVs: 4 HP 252 Atk and Spd - Dragon Claw - Fire Fang - Earthquake - Swords Dance Im really not expecting much...
  5. Atlidevil

    Anyone care to help me out?

    Ok here is my first competitive team which is in development but is almost ready and i have pretty much set what i want. Do note that i am the kind of person who say's "the best defense is a good offense" so expect mostly offensive moves. If how ever you Know not think Know that if the pokemon...
  6. Atlidevil

    Platinum Battle Frontier Team! Please rate!

    Alright so here is the planned Battle Frontier team which means any change is welcome except for Garchomp's nature since he's the only one i have even tough he's still a Gabite currently. Anyway here goes. Garchomp Jolly @ Leftovers -Earthquake -Dragon Claw -Swords Dance -Rock Slide A solid...
  7. Atlidevil

    First Competitive team.

    Alright here is my first competitive team. It hasnt been completed (in my game) but here it is.....in need to a few adjustments probably. Oh and NO pkmn changes im using these and nothing else. Torterra, Quick Claw, Docile -Energy Ball -EQ -Crunch -Synthesis Nothing special to say...
  8. Atlidevil

    Most annyoing Job you have taken.

    So what is the most ANNOYING job you have ever taken and did you finish it? Im not talking about hard Jobs such as escorting a Oddish trough a fire dungeon to floor 30 and be stupid enough not to bring a reviver seed im talking about annoying jobs such as mine. My most annoying is escorting...
  9. Atlidevil

    Future In-game FireRed team.

    Im gonna say something else here Now im trying to decide between Raichu and Jolteon. Now i have a Naive Pikachu so im good with that and a whole team planned (below) but i just cant decide between these two. Anyway here is the team. ;006; Hardy Blaze Item undecided -Flamethrower -Slash...
  10. Atlidevil

    What is your Team name?

    Didn seem like there was one so i decided to make one. My team's name is DFTBA a.k.a. DontForgetToBeAwesome. So whats yours? Oh and the main team members Are Raichu (me) Swampert and Charizard. Awesome aint it?
  11. Atlidevil

    Pokémon Breeding

    Pokémon Breeding Havent you ever wondered how two pokemon such as Mightyena and Arcanine who are two difrent pokemon altough with similar body types can make a baby together without it becoming a say black Arcanine with Mightyena's tail and ears but instead either becomes a Arcanine or a...
  12. Atlidevil

    Favorite Region

    What is your favorite region? Im not talking about what game i mean what region do you enjoy walking trough? I really like Kanto since i know it the best (enough to go trough the ever annoying rock tunnel without Flash) and of course the music was always nice even in R/B/Y.
  13. Atlidevil

    Recruiting members for a manga forum.

    This is not against the rule's (i think) as i checked to see if there was a no link to manga forums. Its brand new so it only has 5 members so if you like manga maybe you could check it out and make and account FREE (duh) and if you decide to make an account please be active and patient as not...
  14. Atlidevil

    Leaf Green help

    Muk -Sludge Bomb -Protect -Strength -EQ Wont give it toxic since im saving it for my starter (bulbasaur-venasaur) Magmar -Flamethrower -Rock Slide -Psychic -Strength I think this move set might be pretty decent Wigglytuff -???? -???? -???? -???? No ****in idea for wigglytuff Electrode...
  15. Atlidevil

    4th gen newbie

    Torterra -Energy Ball -EQ -Crunch -Giga Drain Gallade -Substitute -Focus Punch -Slash -Psycho Cut Lucario -Aura Sphere -Dragon Pulse -Force Palm -Psychic/Shadow Ball (only difrence in power which is ten but also type) Rampardos -Zen Headbutt -Stealth Rock -Rock Climb -Avalanche Rhyperior...
  16. Atlidevil

    Crystal Team

    ;160; Feraligatr -Slash -Strength -Ice Punch -Surf Since i need strength and its pretty good i want to keep it but slash has a high crit radio but a bit weaker but i want to remove it so any suggestions? ;018; Pidgeot -Gust -Wing Attack -Quick Attack -Fly Help! Only two...
  17. Atlidevil

    Current In-game team (Emerald)

    Thought up a team but no idea for moveset,nature or item. Blaziken Gardevoir Manectric Flygon Milotic (need help finding Feebas and i have never had one) Regice/Absol Also a contest set for Delcatty Currently have this. Combusken lv 23 lonely @none -Scratch -Double Kick -Focus Energy -Ember...
  18. Atlidevil

    South Park:The Ring

    God damn it the new south park episode the ring is totally ****in awesome its so frickin funny to seruously u guys have to see it on this site: http://www.southparkstudios.com/
  19. Atlidevil


    So i bet everyone has noticed a little wierd thing called Castform right well i seriously got to ask....why does Castform body under his head look like balls?
  20. Atlidevil

    How do u change this?

    How do u change the description above the trainer pic u have like mine says marsh trainer but i wanna change it but i dont know how.