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    My ORAS OU team

    I've ran pretty many teams by now and i think this one is the best. But i'm pretty sure it can be better. I hope you can help me out. (I copypasted it from showdown teambuilder wich means there's no order at all) Starmie @ Leftovers Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 248 HP / 16 Def / 244 Spe...
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    My OU team

    Hi all, i renewed my team and i would really appriciate it to be rated again. So here i go. Skarmory (nn scarmory) @ leftovers Sturdy Impish 252 def 252 hp 4 sp def -brave bird -whirlwind -stealth rock -roost My lead, sets up stealth rock and most of time switches to something that...
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    My PvP team (oras)

    Hi all i'm now running a team wich works well for me but i think it could be better so i would really appriciate any help Klefki @ light clay Impish prankster 5IV (missing special attack) EVs 252 hp 252 def 2 spd -thunder wave -spikes -light screen -reflect Klefki is my starter...
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    My battle maison team

    I want to get a high streak in the super singles and the team i'm using isn't capable of doing to job so i need you guys your advice Mienshao Nature quirky Ability regenerator Item: life orb -fake out -U-turn -swords dance -high jump kick I'm using mienshao as opener most of the...
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    Speedy1's pokemon collection (all for trade of course)

    Rules -all serebiiforums rules apply -don't be rude. If you ignore this i will ignore you -i may cancel a request/trade when i feel like it and i do not need to let you know -when you offer me legendaries/shinies i must get proof of it's legitimaticy (and thus all info you can give me about it)...
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    Some team help please

    I'm running these throug the game and also online i would appriciate some help (don't tell me about using hidden power i do not know how this works and i am not able to understand it on serebii.net) As for EVs most of them are randomly, i'm not looking for correct nature's so if they have not...
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    Hello i'm new (to the forum

    Hello other pokemon players around the globe. I'm new (and that's the only thing i'm coming up with XD) anyway i hope to meet some nice people and make some friends. And i'm hoping to find out how this huge forum works Thanks for reading