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  1. K

    Episode Ideas for the Kalos Saga

    Everybody this is a chance for all of us to come up with ideas along with plots and summaries for episodes and who knows some might be righ t
  2. K

    Do you think there's hope that Doryuzu will obey Iris

    It could in episode 30 or 45
  3. K

    What happen to Ash's Gliscor

    I saw on Bulbapedia yesterday under Ash Ketchum it saids that Gliscor is under status unknown so think it's at oak's or with McCann? cause I want to see it in battle again.;472;
  4. K

    What do you think will happen in the 14th movie

    another arc?
  5. K

    Any chance of totodile evolving in the battle against Takuto

    hope so anything is possible
  6. K

    will ash win the isshu league

    Hope he does win
  7. K

    Should ash catch koromori or zorua?

    Either I guess maybe even both
  8. K

    Will Ash,Iris or Dento catch Koromori

    Ash Iris Dento