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    .:The Little Corner:.

    Welcome to .:The Little Corner:. By Scenice Gaara never jokes. Do as he says! Shop Status:CLOSED until after my exams Rules: 1. Follow the rules and signature rules of this forum and the rules of this shop to perfection.¨ 2. Do not spam. State your request and say thank you when it's done...
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    My Gaara sigs

    Hi. I have decided on finally making a thread to show my Gaara sigs. I have now had 4 in total and though that was enough to start with. I know that there will com more for sure ^^ If I could decide I would like to have them all in my sig, but sins that would make me break the rules I show...
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    Killer Clefairy

    I want to try to make a killer out of a Clefairy. Has anyone got any ideas for a move set, EV's, nature? Clefairy @ Nature: EVs: - - - - Thanks guys :)
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    For real?

    Do you think this is for real or just a fake that gets the hopes of someone like me up? http://i17.*******.com/4h1xd9j.jpg http://i17.*******.com/4h1xd9j.jpg http://i18.*******.com/448nhup.jpg http://i18.*******.com/448nhup.jpg http://i12.*******.com/4h9y3yw.jpg...
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    Rmt ^^

    Hi. Will someone please rate my team? I'm not going to replace Dragonair, Flygon or Kingdra. And Dragonair will be the one that I would want to use the most. It's my favourite ^^ Was told to go here to get my team rated probably, because I don't want to evolve my Dragonair... Here we go...
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    Hi. This is my first compatible team ever. Have never had anyone to play against until now :) Will someone please rate my team? Oh and Dragonair, Flygon and Kingdra can not be replaced by any other pokemon. I will want to use Dragonair as much as possible. Dragonair @ Leftovers Shed...
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    I changed to invisible mode, but now that I don’t want to be invisible anymore I can’t get out of the mode. I saved the new changes, but when I look at it again it’s changed back to invisible mode. What can I do to make it stop showing me as invisible? Thanks in advance
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    The names of the trio

    I just love the English names for the trio. IMO they are just perfect :D Uxie ;480; Mesprit ;481; Azelf ;482; What do you think?
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    Short question

    What is it when there is a letter like thing on a thread and when you hold your mouse over it, it says “you are subscribed to this thread”? It’s placed just over the stars… Thanks
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    Problems seeing images

    I have problems seeing the images in other people’s sigs. It stated last night. They just started disappearing. It’s not as bad on firefox as it is on explore, but there it’s really bad. My friend elyvorg said she had the same problems. Can it be an error on the site? Do any of you have the...
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    Scenice and Dragonair's Banner Shop

    Closing Down! Yes, that's right. I'm closing down this shop when the last request is done. However, don't despair. I will start a new shop next month after my exams. So until then, SEE YOU :D Waiting List 1. Emerald Pikachu As I said, I only do banners so if you want some awesome...
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    Location of 5th gen?

    What part of Japan do you think will be used for the 5th generation? Have a map of Japan here: http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/6720/pokemonregions6pq.png And please don’t discus wetter there will be a 5th gen or not here. There are other threads for that...