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    what pokemon would famous people have?

    what I'm trying to say is, what would people like actors, politicians, musicians, singers and.... have? for example a jigglypuff would be good for a singer!! or a machamp or hariyama would be great for politicians as they would protect them! who would the singer or the politician be...
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    Who's your partner pokémon?

    Who's your partner pokémon? By partner, I mean the pokemon who's out of its pokéball, you travel with it and you love it! Mine are snorlax and rayquaza! Snorlax is warm and you can hug it in winter!! And, it cam smell food and find them in case of hunger! And he's strong too! Rayquaza's...
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    Which pokémon do you think YOU are? WHY?

    Which pokémon do you think YOU are? WHY? I think I'm a MUNCHLAX!!! Mostly because of the curiosity!!!! ;446;;446;;446;
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    What's your favourite TRIO?

    mine is the weather trio, RAYQUAZA, GROUDON and KYOGRE!!!! They rock!!! ;384;;383;;382;
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    status problems

    wich status problem do you think is the best to use in battles??? POISIONED? BADLY POISIONED? PARALYZED? BURNED? CONFUSED? ASLEEP? FREEZED? I myself love badly poisonnd 'cause you can easily defeat the opponents pokemon even if it restores it's HP with attacks ((e.g. softboiled)) or items! but...