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    Resources Thread

    Not giving proper credit for art pieces is considered stealing. Without credit, the artists don't get the acknowledgment they should receive. This thread is made so that the crediting process is made a bit easier. Here art shop owners can record all of the resources used for making art. It...
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    Shadow's Graphics

    Welcome to my collection of banners/graphics. Since I do my own userbars and buttons, I decided it was time to start doing my own banners :P ***Please leave bashing of characters, particularly FF characters, out of my thread thank you.*** DISCALIMER: I do not own any of the...
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    Orre Region Club

    Welcome to the Orre Region Club! In this club we talk about everything that Orre has to offer, such as; Shadow Pokemon, places to visit, and the characters. *The Rules* All Serebii Forums rules apply You must be a member if you want to discuss. Stay on topic(topics can be changed by the...
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    The Under

    Welcome to The Under ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoy your visit. 1. Use what you request. 2. Don't request when all the slots are full. 3. Don't request the same thing in other art shops. 4. Always give credit when using my work. 5. Upload art you order after I have finished it to your...
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    My OU team

    Steel Mono 3:3 This is my first RMT. I've been too lazy to post one until now... So I started out like this. I use this fist guy a lot with other teams I had made, and I decided, why not build a team sort of around him? I needed something to resist the Grass weakness Rotom-W has...
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    Pokemon Black and White Team

    This is one of the Black and White teams I plan to use for the games. Iv's, Evs, and nartures don't matter to me but I would like some help with movesets. Anyway here it is, my team: Serperior Overgrowth Leaf Blade Dragon Tail Swords Dance Return Leaf Blade is main STAB and is...