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    Pirating of Music and other Digital Media

    A lot of tour money comes out of your own pocket. Thus, some artist only break even when touring. However, it gets your name out there for people to find out who you are. The only people making 70+ percent of money from tours are the big name stars. Last time I checked, that is somewhere less...
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    I do remember early on something that orochimaru was called the man who had mastered over a thousand justu. I think that number 1000 was used both to describe orochimaru and kakashi. It was also said that orochimaru was the person trying to master all the world's justu. So he hass probably...
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    Bleach discussion - 20th anniversary announcement

    Which begs the question. Where the hell is youroichi. We have seen everyone but her.
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    Project Legends V2 Discussion Thread

    Well i am back and ready to be semi active.
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    Project Legends V2 (PG-13)

    Victini- mt.silver After the council meeting, victini and mew went back and met mewtwo at mt. Silver. Victini knew that mewtwo was jealous that he couldn't go to the meetings, but that wouldn't change until arceus reawoke. This of course would not happen until all chaos broke lose. So this...
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    The case of George Zimmerman and deadly "stand your ground."

    Ok. That was awesome. My personal opinions have changed a bit on this case. It has been reported just badly. I am going to argue that the media has made this thing into a race war, but I always argue that our media nowadays is just bad in general. They are all about ratings, and no longer the...
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    Duuuddee... Pass the blunt...

    I actually agree with them. I mean, your too young to comprehend your actions at 18. Your free and you are wanting to experience life. This is for their own protection. (Hell, if a kid wanted to drink in their house, they should, my parents were there when I took my first sip, and with them, I...
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    What do you consider to be racist?

    Racism occurs when you think one race is better than another. This does not extend to attraction, like mine to Filipinos. (These men just make my mouth water. They are extremely sexy. =p.) Humans cannot help what they are attracted too. However, we can in what we do. For example, we cannot...
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    OK, so LOL at this whole entire post. Sapphire, please say what you and Grei want. You want information, then when someone post it, you don't want it anymore. Let's look at one of Grei's earlier responses. So are you guys implying that Miles' sourcers are "skewed and unreliable," yet, I cannot...
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    Ahh man, that means they will never go away. See, I think there are times when all groups are needed to flourish, but then they should fall back into obscruity( like Unions, but that is a different debate. ^.^). I happy for what the LGBT is doing for their community, but if they just don't fade...
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    1. For the soldier comment, it is still moraly wrong(on my sense of Morality. Morality does change between demographics.) I think, for I have never been a soldier, so I cannot verify what they feel, but I think soldiers know what they are doing is wrong, but they go in head strong, knowing that...
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    But would that mean they would make an organization like the NAACP (GAWD) of would the become something like the tea partiers (Even worse), or just fade back into this two party system that we have.
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    Well, hope you feel better. I always wanted to get those two games, but just haven't been to buy...

    Well, hope you feel better. I always wanted to get those two games, but just haven't been to buy them yet.
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    What makes a good poster/member?

    I would say someone who can communicate there point well. (The opposite of what I do unfortunately.)
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    Great, what are you up too?

    Great, what are you up too?
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    I concur. I mean, one killing doesn't justify the vigilante killing of another. I mean, there are chances that he might get the wrong guy?
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    Well, because we are in a debate, and I want to win... Yes :). Well since Chuboy succefully ended that tangent, and I can't spell, lets start a new one. I don't think that homosexuals are going to be all that active as a group in politics (like the teaparty.) My belief is that they only are...
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    The case of George Zimmerman and deadly "stand your ground."

    Like Viz said, the mainstream media wouldn't have anything to go on if not for the fact that the police did there job. The media lies all the time, are you suprised? That is why the police should have taken care of it before it even reached this far. Also, because you don't know Florida Law...
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    But see, you are still going on personal experience. In my entire nineteen years on this planet, I have only met ten homosexuals. TEN... Based on your example, I have the basis to claim that less than one percent of the population is homosexual. That is why, by studies posted, and much research...
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    Overhyped Anime

    Can I say One Piece and not be killed. If not, Bobobo-bobo-bobobobobo. Or whatever it is called.