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    Worst cartoon you've ever seen?

    What's the worst cartoon you have ever seen? It can be something recent or something that was on several years ago. The worst show I have probably seen is Problem Solverz, seriously, were the Cartoon Network executives high when they greenlit this show, because it's that horrible.
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    Family Guy should have ended already?

    While a lot of people heard the rumor of Simpsons cancellation, this was recently announced in a recent interview with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane: Source: Seth MacFarlane: Maybe 'Family Guy' Should Have Ended Already I found this to be, needless to say, suprising that MacFarlane...
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    Who here likes dragons? I always liked dragons, I always thought they were cool, I personally like the Asian dragons myself, though European dragons are pretty cool as well.
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    Internet Memes you dislike

    Please note: This is not the place to bash on people simply because they don't like a certain meme you like, thank you for your consideration! What is your least favorite internet meme? For me, it's most of the "rage faces", especially troll face, I'm just sick of seeing people spam them to...
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    Dark and Disturbing Cartoon Theories

    Has anyone here heard some of these? They are basically a type of "Wild Mass Guessing" that involve grimdark therories about certain cartoon, anime, and video game series. Here's a few I found that were very interesting: There’s a theory that interprets Ed, Edd and Eddy’s entire cast of kids...
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    Please read this before posting: This is a topic to discuss the furry fandom, not a topic to bash on and/or complain about furries and people you do not like simply because they do not have the same views as you. If you do not like furries, we do not want to hear about how you hate them, I...
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    Was anyone dissapointed by the Dengeki DS anouncement?

    I was very dissapointed that it was just an expansion for a game that will probably never be released outside of Japan The reason Battrio was never (and probably never will) released outside of Japan is because according to the American video game industry, nobody plays at arcades anymore...
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    What game (series) do you want to see as an anime?

    I would say Spectrobes, cause those games are awesome and deserve an anime, also Mother/Earthbound, now THAT would be SWEETER THAN CHERRY PIE!!!!!!
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    Masterge77 shop of awesomness

    Hi, since a lot of people here have sprite shops, I decided to open mine Rules: -No Spamming -No Flaming -No Profanity -No L33t speak -No "So i herd u liek mudkips" (for the lulz) -No rushing me, I will get to you as soon as I can -Only two requests per post, if you have more, post...
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    Brock and Professor Ivy theroies

    .....Whatever happened with the two, it must be pretty frightining to Brock... Intrestingly enough, I found this while googling Professor Ivy and thought I would post it here: http://pokemonrebirthclub.deviantart.com/gallery/#Tangled-Ivy Appearantly, this is one theroy that will send a...
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    Masterge77 shop of awesomness

    Hi, since a lot of people here have sprite shops, I decided to open mine I can do: Pokemon Anthros/ Pokemorphs Furry Trainers (regular animals, not pokemorphs) Trainers Infernoes Earthbound styled sprites Trainer cards and Pixel Arts I don't do splices, cause they're too overated...
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    4Kids is getting worse...

    4Kids is getting worse at dubbing anime. Remember the Yu-Gi-Oh GX dub? God that was horrible, I mean, who would name their kid HASSLEBERRY, AND WHAT THE HEYS WITH THE AUSSIE ACCENT!? I mean, it sounds like some sort of cereal, And we know about Kirby Right Back At Ya!, or should we say KIRBY OF...