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    most long annoying crys

    longest : ive always thought that jynx had a long cry shortest.snorlax pidgey or sentret most annoying.staraptor has a long screech of a cry most favourite.hitmonchan
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    Hi there/

    Hi there i knew serebii from 2001 and i thought id join.ive already created a few threads but i need loads of help.Ive got a friend called dragonite19 who has helped me change my avatar my main picture and create threads.
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    what are your favourite pokemon?

    what is your favourite pokemon?mine is blaziken
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    what are your favourite pokemon games?

    mine is esy emerald version with a battle frontier that totally beats platinums one.im currently on sapphire training up my pokemon for the third gym.
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    what are you hm slaves?

    what are your hm slaves.mine is my torterra what i starded with.my staraptor is nearly a hm slave with only brave bird not a hm