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    A Returning Member

    Hey everyone! I'm unsure if anyone I used to be friends with is still on here, but I've had a renewed interest in Pokemon (especially battling) and so have decided to come back. It's been at least 3 years since my hiatus. It's nice to meet anyone new and reconnect with my old buddies!
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    Not Quite a Newbie

    Hey everyone! I've been a member here for some time, however, I haven't been online in a while. Most of my former friends are no longer here (sad) but I'm always up for new friends. I own a copy of Pokemon X and I do enjoy wifi battles if anyone ever wants to challenge me. I also trade...
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    OU Sun Team

    EDIT: CHANGES IN BOLD Hello! This is my new sun team. I've played with this team on Showdown about 20+ times, and so far, it's fared pretty well. However, I'm open to suggestions on how it could be even more successful. So here we go: Ninetales Item: Expert Belt Ability: Drought Nature: Timid...
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    Hi, Everyone!

    Hello! I'm brand new to the forums and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Savanny, in case you haven't noticed. ^-^ I've been playing Pokémon since R/S, so I thought, why not join a whole community of Pokémon fans? So here I am! I hope to have a great time here!