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    TCG Online Codes (Giveaway)

    I have stocked up several TCGO code cards over the past coupe of years (or however long they've been around), and as I was in the last thread here, I will be open to people pm'ing me and requesting some. There will be a limit to only 2 codes per person. The sets range from Emerging Powers...
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    How do you sort your cards?

    How do you sort your cards? Do you sort them through sets or Pokédex order? I personally sort mine in National Pokédex order, including slots for different forms. i also have slots for EX's, Lv X's, FA's, SP's, etc. i then have another binder for all my trainer cards, I use my tins to keep...
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    Glitch with the upgrade?

    ok, so i clicked quick links and then view forum leadres, and i noticed that a lot of the hyperlinked text overlapped others. i'm not entirely sure if it's just me, but i thought it ought to be mentioned. i'm not sure if there's a general thread for this, so i just made a new one.
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    Ash's Sprites

    Boring title out of the way, let's start. Welcome to my sprite showcase thread. Here I will show a selection of some of my favourite sprites over the years, and some I feel could use a LOT of work. Although I am not the best spriter on Serebii, I still believe myself to be a good...
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    Ash's Art Shop

    Welcome to the epicness which is: Ash’s Art Shop! Here, I will use my artistic skills to provide for you, and only you, these awesome arty services. First up, the rules: 1. As with all threads, make sure you know the general SPPf rules. If you cannot follow these, there may be...
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    Olympic Coins

    Long story short, there was a competition where around 30,000 people sent in designs for 50p coins based around the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in 2012. There are 29 in total, but how many do you have? Have you seen any, owned any or never even heard of them? I personally have only...