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    The internet may be shut down and this is no joke!

    If you are a person who does almost anything with video games on the internet then please take the time to read this. Congress is currently trying to have a bill passed called S.978, that will prevent any streaming of video games, any let's plays of video games, or pretty much anything to do...
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    Professor Oaks Secret?

    In the first episode of Pokemon Black and White Professor Oak tells Ash that he has not been to the Unova region in 10 years. He is basically saying he has been there before. However 10 years ago we only knew of Pokemon from Kanto and Jhoto but he obviously saw some Unova pokemon while he was...
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    Why dont Ashs pokemon evolve

    Why do almost none of Ashs pokemon never evolve. Mainly his squirtle which I have always been a big fan of.
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    Items in the anime?

    What would the pokemon anime be like if items like full restore were allowed.