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    Yaho~! O/ A return

    Jee whiz, I don't know how long it's been since I've last been active. Hey to people old (and morel likely) new! I'm Xashlei, or Xash for short. But I also once went by Blue Milotic or Blue. As you can see from my join date, I first got into SPPF years ago. Lots of memories. I used to hang...
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    The Wondrous Cauldron of Miscellaneous Effects

    It's back, with a fanciful name that makes little sense! Add 5 random ingredients. Who knows what may commence? Taste test. . . but at your own risk. If you die, well, I'm sure you will be missed. But look positively, the future may be bright! You might be granted the ability of flight...
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    Cartoon Censorship

    Well, just earlier tonight I've watched Ratatouille by Pixar. Removing a lot of scenes--just sad. Aren't they overdoing things? Not just Disney either, though aforementioned channel probably has more extreme cases. Well, I'll just give some examples. Ratatouille: -In the beginning. Most parts...
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    Treasure Town (Literate Village/Adventure RP)

    Rules and Notes\\ 1. No Legendaries, unless vital to a storyline approved by me. 2. I’d rather not many people in the same evolutionary line. 3. RP has to be literate. You can put the smiley of your Pokemon though, so people won’t forget who s/he is. 4. Timelines. I don’t want people to finish...
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    Which of your Pokemon were exhibited by the Art Gallery

    Self-explanatory. If you win the Master Rank of a Contest impressively in R/S/E, an artist will approach you, wishing to make a portrait of the Pokemon you used. I'm sorry if a thread like this already existed, I couldn't find it in this discussion board. For me, it was the following: Cool...
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    Good + Good = Bad

    So basically, post an object that would be useless / terrible / just nullifying if combined with the next poster's object. But the catch is, both objects must be a good thing on their own. Quite a challenge, for a forum game, eh? Of course, people's views on "good" are different. Example...
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    The Bishies' Story: Crossover Continent|[V.2]

    T'is not an April Fool! It is time to continue our journey, in a neater, more organized manner. And hopefully, more new faces will join us this time around. First things first, please read the rules below. The Basic Rules 1. General SPPf Rules 2. No god-modding, unless it is vital for a story...
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    The "Dear" Game V.2

    Yeah, I missed this game, so I decided to revive it. This time though, you can specify what kind of letter is to be sent for fun. That's completely optional, so if you don't want to don't. :] Basic format: Dear ______, *insert whatever* Next: ______ ; (type: Love, sorry, etc.) Letter...
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    Poster = Matchmaker!

    Simple idea... post a character in your post, and the next poster makes the one to pair him/her with. I don't really mind gender here, since this ain't a serious thread. In fact, you can pair off someone and a toaster. @____@ The third person starts a new pair off, but first says how the last...
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    Add an ingredient! 8D

    Here, all you have to do is imagine a pot. A giant magical cooking pot with a fire under. There, we all dunk in something that will make it better or worse. Every fifth poster will decide whether it tasted good or bad (maybe the resulting food?), and can empty the pot again. All you have to do...
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    What could possibly go wrong?

    For those who can't tell: in this game, you do something that you believe can't possibly bring trouble. Then the next poster makes the bad thing happen, then adds what he/she will do. Ex. Poster 1: I insert a coin into a soda vending machine. Poster 2: The vending machine collapses on you...
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    The Bishies' Story: Crossover Continent

    SapphireL approved this remake! NO LONGER UPDATING 1ST POST Just jump in with all your new characters and plots. New thread coming soon~ THE BASIC RULES 1. General SPPf Rules 2. No god-modding, unless it is a key part of the plot. You can't use this against someone. 3. If in a duel...
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    Remember me?? I'm BACK!

    This was the past Blue Milotic, who is now Xashlei, but people can still feel free to call me Blue. I'm used to it. <3 It's my birthday today, and I've concluded I should make my mighty comeback... since a few members seemed to have wanted me back, and I was touched. ;w; Thank you guys!! And...
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    Which game main character would you want in the anime cast?

    Just wondering, who would you want to see in the anime. I don't think I missed anyone... And I'm not sure with some of the other names, so sorry about that... Also say what role you want for them if you'll post. :) I want to see Wally, mainly because the cast needs someone who is weak and...
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    The Non-Pokemon Big Brother

    It HAD to come someday, right? Well, this is the Non-Pokemon Big Brother... (I had permission from octoboy to do this) where this time, characters from different fandoms join... to... live in a house? How epic is this? We will have 10 characters (or 15 if there are enough nominations). Each day...
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    Favorite Rocket Pokemon?

    What's yours? (Not counting Pokemon kept in only one episode.) I liked Chimecho the most... yes, I know he wasn't a battler, but I couldn't resist liking the little fella. I was really sad he left...
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    The Something Better Game!

    Really simple... Just post what you think is better than what the last poster said. As soon as the previous thing mentioned is untouchable (or has gone through 10 'betters'), you may restart. But say that you did. What's better than having your favorite game?
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    .:The Thirteenth Order of SPPF:.

    WARNING: If you hadn’t finished KH: CoM or KHII, be aware there may be spoiler discussions! Welcome fellow Nobodies (or at least wannabe Nobodies)… I am Xashlei, the leader of this Organization XIII alliance. We all know how the legendary Keyblade master had wiped out the previous...
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    The Bishie Resort Thread

    Related to this other game: The bishie battle thread I have noticed that the players there are increasingly not battling as the name suggests... So I am making this game as a home for all your claimed characters! RULES: 1. No killing other bishies... unless you were allowed to do so. 2. As...
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    The Grouchy Game!

    Very simple thing, all you need to do is complain/bully whatever to make the game funny! But mind your language. >.> Example: Person 1: Hey!! Who spilled the milk?! Person 2: Shuttup you crybaby! Person 3: No shouting in the halls!! Just be mean. Get it? I'll start. "HEY!! Someone...