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  1. SinnohEevee

    Do you think regression is coming?

    I believe Ash will get regressed in Gen VIII or IX. The executives don't want him to win because they seem to believe that would be the end of the show (or probably just want to make it easier for him to travel to another region). Since Ash ended up runner-up in Kalos, his rank can't progress...
  2. SinnohEevee

    Could Tobias have beaten Cynthia?

    The last time we got a confirmation the Cynthia is still Sinnoh Champion was in BW, which was a long time ago. Could Tobias have beater her afterwards? Maybe he got a team of Legendaries by then and I can't see how she can win against that? I have to say i would pay money to see Cynthia...
  3. SinnohEevee

    Things you know won't happen but still hope for

    What are some of the stuff you know will never happen but still hope/wish they do? I will start with these: * Ash winning a League * The show having a good story
  4. SinnohEevee

    How do you want Ash's story to end?

    This is like the thread "If you were in charge of the anime", but focusing on the end. If you were the executives, how would you make the end of the show?
  5. SinnohEevee

    Should Ash catch a Legendary?

    Should he? Other people already have Legendaries, what about the main protagonist?
  6. SinnohEevee

    Why do/did you watch the anime for?

    For those who still watch or used to watch the anime, why do/did you watch it for mainly? For me, it's the League and the battles. The latter are what makes Pokémon Pokémon. There are plenty of other shows with magical creatures, the battles are what makes this anime stand up.