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    My team (OU)

    Togekiss @ Choice scarf Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP/252 SPE/6 Def Calm Nature - Trick - Thunderwave - Reflect - Air slash This has been my most successful lead yet. Trick cripples most SR and weather leads and forces them to switch giving me a free turn to turn togekiss into a...
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    Ever had a "NSGG" battle??

    after having spent the last few weeks battling on serebii i noticed that after every match there's always a general sort of mutter of "GG" (good game) "But is this really the case??" So i am putting out the question: "Ever had a really boring battle??" (elaborate) and did you lie to...
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    Help me find the final addition

    So far I have 2/3 from my battle tower team ;468;Togekiss ITEM:Leftovers NATURE:Timid ABILITY:Serene Grace IVS: 252Hp/128Speed/128Sp.Atk MOVESET: Nasty Plot, Baton Pass, Thunderwave, Air slash Ok so first of all i realise that i have gone my own way with this and can see why it...
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    my battle tower team (is it any good?)

    Gengar EVs in Sp. atk and speed modest with focus sash destiny bond shadow ball focus blast thunderbolt/ice beam??? sneasel EVs is attack and speed jolly with ??? ice punch night slash ??? ??? registeel with Maxed HP and Attack relaxed with leftovers curse return...