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    Tired of OU. Ubers?

    So it's time to reveal my secret uber team Latias @ Soul Dew Trait: Levitate EVs: 158 / 176 Spd / 176 SAtk Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Calm Mind - Dragon Pulse - Grass Knot - Recover The lead, as always. Runs over Kyogres and Mewtwos Groudon @ Choice Band Trait: Drought EVs...
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    I'm bored to death?

    Anyone wanna battle? (No ubers, 6v6, Single) -Sleep Clause in effect -Self KO clause in effect. FC's in my sig.
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    Very nice stuff for anyone who has a Hasty Natured Darkrai....

    I'm in desperate need of one: I have these pogeys: Collectibles (unclonable. All obtained at the GTS except for the Arceus): Shiny Deoxys Shiny Mew Shiny Lugia Shiny Dialga Shiny Arceus High Quality Battle Pogeys (all are clones) : Relaxed Swampert...
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    Battle of the.....

    I'm bored. Anyone wanna battle? 6 on 6 OU no ubers. Sleep Clause in effect. Friend code is in my sig EDIT: Lv.100 battle EDIT2: Can't play anymore today. Tomorrow this shall continue
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    In need of high IVed pokemon

    Will be trading this incredile pokemon. NOTE: It's going to be cloned! http://turing.bard.edu/~mk561/trade/...ku _jirachi_0 It's the full info. Also, I have 2 Legit Shiny Dialgas (well, at least by their catch info) Also recently borrowed my friend's game and resetted for a Deoxys...
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    Antimetagame (2v2 ubers)

    Bad title. Rate the team Yeah, after seeing Deck Knight's theme of Trick Room I decided to mess it up. Apparently, I do have all of these guys in game, so yeah Dialga @ Diamond Orb Trait: Pressure EVs: 252 HP / 252 SA / 6 SDef Mild nature (+SAtk, -Def) - Trick Room - Protect -...
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    Breeding Gender Glitch

    I bred SePh258's Larvitar and a Female Fukamaru in order to get an awesome Land Shark. When I looked into the daycare..... Notice how at the bottom it says Larvitar's Gender is male, but in the Daycare list, it's Female
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    Mew & Trick

    Haven't been here in almost a year I dunno if this has been answered before. When I traded Mew over to XD, and went over to the tutor, I decided that it would learn Trick. However, after one hour of looking for it, it never appeared. I was surprised that Role Play appeared, however. Is it...
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    Strange Latias capture Info

    I got this off the GTS not too long ago. I can't exactly find out what the stripes are. Does this mean the Latias came from nowhere?
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    EMO Team

    Bah I dunno what I'm really doing but I randomly made this team up. Since this is based on my in game guys, I don't really remember the EVs that well Salamence @ Leftovers Trait: Intimidate EVs: 252 Atk / 276 Spd (stat) / Rest in HP Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Dragon Dance - Aerial...
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    Meh Test Team w/e

    Hot chocolate Test RMT This is planned, so I have no test results in this Regice @ Leftovers Trait: Clear Body EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SAtk Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk) - Ice Beam - Thunderbolt - Psych Up - Rest Old standard from RSE, but with more defense to help take on Gyarados. It's...
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    Zapdos @ Leftovers ** Exorcist Trait: Pressure EVs: 252 HP / 140 Spd / 116 SAtk Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Hidden Power [Ice] - Rest - Sleep Talk - Thunderbolt Whatever. I feel this spread helping me more. I remember surviving a hit somewhere with 11 HP or so. Gengar (M) @...
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    In Game Moveset Guide (Renewed)

    Note to self: Beware of DavidUm Still, with today’s RMT being covered with people asking for movesets, that are lazy to go to Smogon, I wrote this just for that. Suggestions/changes are welcome. Also on a minor note some competitive moves don't really work in game (Focus Punch/Rapid Spin/Hidden...
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    The TRUE best pokemon

    Well, this is basically a thread where you discuss/explain the TRUE best pokemon Mewtwo- Potentially the best pokemon in the game due to its wide movepool and limited counters. It isn't only a special sweeper; it can also go physical, blow up on stuff and even outstall an entire team. It...
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    How Quick Claw ended my reign of Victory-JAA DC Warstory

    C/Ped from Smogon. And I dunno if this is the right place to put it in Yes, this is me writing my warstory here. I arrived in the mall on 10:15 AM, went around to get Celebi and the top 20. I didn't notice the line, so I cut right in front of it. No one noticed. I got a Careful Celebi...
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    Moves that seem useless but is better than you think

    Somewhat Unappericated Moves A little ripped piece from the Useless move awards thread. Post here the moves that seems useless but is great Memento- It may cause the user to faint, and it almost seems like the drops in attacks are not worth it. However, if you play a Belly Drum based team...
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    BF Team to the Extreme

    I used this for a while, but it needs a rate Battle Frontier Team, obviously. Latios @ Shell Bell Trait: Levitate Stats: 272/209/196/285/387/236 EVs: 6/0/0/252/252/0 Quiet :( Nature (+SAtk, -Spd) - Calm Mind - Ice Beam - Psychic - Recover Obviously can't change the nature unless I...
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    Underrated Poke Poll

    Favorite Underrated guy poll. Options: Dragonite: An incredible pokemon with Salamence sweeping capabilities. It can also Heal Bell. But two advantages should be noted above Salamence. First, Draggy has an incredible movepool, and second, it's wonderful base 91/100 HP/SDef lets it take an Ice...
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    Revival of the dead thread: JAA

    Yeah...I have the other thread dead, but if you guys don't mind rating............. I also don't have an AR/GS to shark guys, but I'll just win this fair and square. I don't have time to rebreed for natures, though. Westfield tournament is a few weeks away from now. Yeah, JAA team. I'm...
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    Your Competititive Moveset

    Imagine you are a competitively built pokemon. What role would you fit in (Choice Bander?Tank?Annoyer?Sponge?Sweeper?) What moveset would you have to go with that, and what Item would you be holding? Oh yeah, my type is Normal/Water I guess (lol. I like water) Ok, lets start...