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  1. FakeHeteroFakemon

    Making a Midwest Fakemon region

    I have been wanting/trying to make my own fakemon region for a while now but have been running into a lot of inspiration and balancing issues. So I turned to anyone reading this willing to help. If anyone so chooses to help, maybe a few of my current concepts and ideas could help narrow or even...
  2. FakeHeteroFakemon

    Fakemon region box legendary concept help (please)

    So I have some logos I had commissioned for my fakemon region, each being named Pokemon vision and truth respectively. I realized after, that in a way these could have just been different versions of the black and white logos. In pokemon black and white the legendaries are referred to as "the...
  3. FakeHeteroFakemon

    Fakemon naming help (please)

    I'm new on here so go easy on me. I could use some help with naming a few things. First, I can't think of a name for my region. My region is based around Indonesia, Australia, and a few islands found in between, If anyone has any ideas id appreciate the help. Second I have at least 1 fakemon...