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    The Jackal Returns Again

    Introduction I started building balanced teams because they are, in my opinion one of the best teams because you can handle most/all the sweepers, while you kill checks and counters, not losing the synergy and closing the match with a final sweep; if you do all of these, you´ll win the match...
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    Suicune doesnt only know to rest-talk

    Hi guys, I´m starting in the team building, and this is my 4th team I´ve build. I found out this was the best team I´ve built, but it had some problems, just like LO Starmie and/or SD Luke who really crippled me. After seeing its defensive stats, and getting swept by an offensive Suicune, I...
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    ~The raise of Gyrados~

    Hi guys I´ve come with a new team built around gyarados. I´ve each time been improving and improving at team building. AT GLANCE TEAM Gliscor (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Veil EVs: 252 HP/32 Def/224 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) ~ Earthquake ~ Stealth Rock ~ Taunt...
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    Scizor the cowboy [OU RMT]

    After getting some help from a friend and doing some changes to the team, I came with a different team built around scizor (H) TEAM BUILDING First I chose SD scizor because it´s too pro Then I chose scarf ttar in order to trap rotom and to kill zapdos and magnezone Later, I...
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    Scizor the mighty [OU RMT]

    Hello guys I´m new at team building, and I´ve been learning about it some weeks ago, so any suggestion is welcomed. I´ve tested this team in shoddy, and I want to pass it to wi-fi some day. I´m looking for good raters please ;) The team is centered around scizor because for something is...
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    New OU team, any suggestions?

    PLEASE READ DESCRIPTIONS BEFORE RATING a certain pokemon. I have been in competitive battling since last summer, so don’t expect an unbeatable team. I am also new to team building and this team was made with a friend, who is also learning. My team isn’t complete in my game, but it´s basically...
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    Oh no, it´s magikarp!!! (OU team)

    Oh no, it´s magikarp!!! (OU team) Here´s my team I know I´m not good at team building, but that´s why I´m posting here. I´ll accept any different movesets, new pokemon, etc. any changes are welcomed. Looking for good raters and some constructive comments, not destructive. I´ve been trying...
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    Gyra and snorlax-based team: Second RMT

    Well, this team will be around my gyara and future improved snorlax any advice is welcomed and this is just my 2nd CRMT and this is my attempt of team building, I´m pretty new in team building. NOTE: I´ve tried to put gengar as a lead, but I don´t really know if it´s right, his moveset is at the...
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    Rate my BT tower team with actual ivs

    This is my current battle tower team because I lack of platinum :( but it still works, so just do your comments about better pokemon.. etc. Bronzong @ leftovers Relaxed nature Ability: Levitate 31/15/31/x/21/15 252 hp/52 atk/200 spdef -reflect -hypnosis -gyro ball -SR this is my...
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    rate my OU team!!!

    please rate my team i need to improve somethings, but i need your opinion about which moves or pokemon should i change. gallade @ focus sash/steadfast adamant nature 252 atq/252 spe/ 6 hp -close combat -psico cut -shadowsneak -swords dance here it comes my gallade, i like to use...