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  1. Kreis

    What's one thing that you cannot live without?

    And I don't mean one thing that will actually lead to you dying. What's one thing that not having in your life would make it slightly more miserable? It can be anything, just as long as it's not something that will get you banned from the site. It'll be more fun if you just list one thing...
  2. Kreis

    Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Rules

    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire forum rules: 1) All standard SPPF rules apply -This includes, but is not limited to, flaming, double-posting, etc. 2) No spamming -If your posts contribute nothing towards the discussion, then they will be deleted and possibly infracted. Like before, posting...
  3. Kreis

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    Discuss here what changes, if any, that you would like to see with the new games. Before we begin, understand that any posts that fall under the spam category will be deleted and infracted. Any post that does not contribute to the discussion is spam, so make sure you elaborate your ideas so...
  4. Kreis

    THE DAY HAS COME --- uh oh

    Ellie irl when browsing SPPF
  5. Kreis

    General Chat Thread - Come to #spp-misc on Discord! https://discord.gg/3u9nKEa

    Welcome to the new general chat thread! Want to chat more fast-paced with other spp people? Come to the #spp-misc irc! It's very easy to join. Simply go to the SynIRC page on KiwiIRC, type in your name (and password if you have one), #spp-misc for the channel, and poof! You're there! To...
  6. Kreis

    2013 SPPF Awards Results -- She's beauty and she's grace, she's miss SPPF: Canada

    http://www.total-beauty-secrets.com/images/beauty-pageant-secrets-tips.jpg Award Results: 1) Best Newbie: The DragonKnight 2) Nicest Member: Tiffany 3) Most Helpful Member: Valoo. 4) Member of the Year: Sigh! | Canada (tie) 5) Most likely to become a mod: Valoo. 6) Most missed...
  7. Kreis


    SPPF Awards 2013 http://i.imgur.com/uLSelMC.png Hi folks! It's that time of the year again where your self-worth is determined by the members of SPPF. BEST EYES, BEST DRESSED, BEST SEXUALLY ACTIVE MEMBER, which category will you be nominated for? Rules: 1. Don’t nominate a member for...
  8. Kreis

    SPPF CONFESSIONS SUBMISSION THREAD: reveal your inner secrets to us

    Some of you may have encountered confessions thread somewhere in the Internet, whether it be on reddit or Facebook. Basically, you send your confessions in, and I'll post them here, ANONYMOUSLY. It can be about anything* *just as long as it's not about you breaking some forum rules [they all...