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    Mythic Dawn

    Welcome to Mythic Dawn. Our guild wishes to take a firm grip in the balance of power that exists among the guilds of Serebii. However, no guild can succeed off the wishes of just one man. Because of this, I extend my hand to you, stranger, and ask you to join me in my quest for dominance in this...
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    Writing Flashbacks

    Hi! I'm new around here, so that might explain why you've never heard of me. I'm a new writer getting into writing fan fictions, but I have a question before I go on with writing my own. That question is: How do you write flashbacks? Myself, I've seen a lot of different ones. Some are in a...
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    Cody's Story [PG]

    Hey guys, this is my first time writing a story outside of school and I decided to make it a fan fiction ^_^ I hope it goes over well with you, and please feel free to criticize as much as you want. I take harsh criticism as well as nice criticism, so please help me improve! Chapter...
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    The Great? Clan?? of Slowpoke??? Followers?!??!

    Welcome to the Followers of Slowpoke. In this clan, our aim is to bring out the best in people through their confusion. We will raise each battler to their best and challenge opposing clans to tests of skill in order to sharpen ourselves and increase our strength. No man or woman will be turned...
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    It's been 8 or 9 years.

    I figured I make a thread, dunno if this should have gone anywhere else. Close with a note if it should be somewhere else, mods. I quit the game when I was 7 or 8 and all my friends started playing YGO instead of Pokemon. I took my cards, put them in a box and hid them away, only to refind...
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    Challenge for the game

    I've heard about a "No heal challenge" and I'm wondering if anyone has done it before or if you haven't possibly know the rules for it. I haven't been able to find any through searching, and it would be great if anyone knew. Thanks in advance.
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    Hell's Shadow

    Welcome to Hell's Shadow. We are a clan whose aim is to raise an elite warrior of Pokemon Trainers. We are a serious clan, if you want to join us you must be ready to battle with your all and to fight hard for us. I am PokeN3rd, also known as InfernapeUser to some. I am the co-leader of...
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    Rate My SS Team!

    Team at a glance: ;248; ;212; ;472; ;448; ;346; ;332; Tyranitar @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream Nature: Careful EVs: 252 HP/36 Atk/ 36 Def/ 184 Sp.D - Substitute - Thunder - Crunch - Fire Punch Tyranitar is my lead to whoop up some sandstorm. I generally start with a sub...
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    Water Mono Challenge

    I saw Razor Leaf posting for the new Mono-Challenge thread and I decided to give it a go. I recently partook in a tournament, so I am refamiliarized with the game. I'm not sure how to go about a mono water pokemon challenge. Anyone have any hints/tips/suggestions? I know I'll have a blastoise...
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    The proper way to go out

    Credit to Mephisto. Mods these days. Let me tell you. They are just awful. They go around, and have the nerve to mod you. And then, as if they hadn't been stupid enough, they infract you. Its like they're on crack, and they enjoy it, I'm sure. They just need to realize that two hits of crack...
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    Baton Pass RMT!

    1. Pikachu Item: Light Ball Nature: Naive EV’s: 152 Atk, 104 Sp.A, 252 Spd Move set: ~T-bolt ~Brick Break ~Grass Knot ~Quick Attack My Main sweeper. It will receive Agility, SD, CM and Sub from Scizor and Mime. With Light Ball, it becomes fun and deadly. 2. Scizor...
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    Weighted Clothing

    Hi. I'm 15 and looking to increase my speed, endurance and strength. I'm in pretty good shape and am wondering if anyone has experience/thoughts on if they would be good and safe. I've studied them a bit and learned that they injure if you use them incorrectly. Please, thoughts or stories.
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    Favorite Pokemon Quote

    What is your favorite quote from the series? Post multiple if you wish. Mine is: "I need pants" -Slowking Edit: I was paraphrasing. I don't remember it exactly.
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    What do you think?

    AT school, I sold study guides for a mere dollar per guide. I made some money ( I won't specify amounts for protection) and now they hate me. The principal and Dean of Students have decided that I cheated. According to our handbook, cheating is taking another student's work and using it as your...